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Rajkot: PM Modi inaugurates and lays foundation stone for projects worth over Rs. 48,100 crores including 5 AIIMS, over 200 health projects, power plants,...

PM Modi dedicates to nation and lays foundation stone for multiple development projects worth more than Rs. 48,100 crores in Rajkot, Gujarat

Rajkot: Vegetable seller Aryan Shashif Baloch abducts 13-year-old Hindu girl and molests her, victim rescued and accused arrested from a train

Muslim youth arrested after he abducted a 13-year-old Hindu girl and physically abused her in Rajkot.

Gujarat: Hindu man attacked by Nawaz, Azim and 3 others for asking why they did not stand up for the national anthem

During the film's interval, Nawaz and his friend who did not stand up for the national anthem reached out to Mayank and started abusing and arguing.

Gujarat: Amin, Rafiq and Sameer attack a Hindu labourer’s family in Rajkot, vandalise Ganpati idols, arrested

Victim of the incident in Rajkot said, "We are hard-working men, not carrying weapons or anything. We have never got into a fight with anyone."

Rajkot: Arif, Raheel, Shakeel, and Armaan kill Vijay for stopping them from lighting marijuana with a temple lamp, arrested

Arif, Armaan, Raheem, and Shakeel killed Vijay for stopping them from lighting marijuana with a temple lamp.

‘I have been raping your daughter since she was 17, do what you can’: Cricket coach Mehboob Bukhari sexually exploits a Hindu girl in...

Instead of teaching cricket in his coaching academy, Mehboob Bukhari trapped the minor Hindu girl in sexually exploitative relationship and brainwashed her. Mehboob had also changed her name to Nazneen, as per the complaint.

Gujarat: Ashish Goswami of Jetpur who converted to Islam to marry a Bangladeshi Muslim girl does a Ghar Wapasi, returns to Hinduism

Ashish Goswami who became Sheikh Mohammad Alsami did a Ghar Wapasi on the advice of Mahant Kanhaiyanand Maharaj

‘Skipped Hindu kings and taught only Mughals, children using Ammi-Abbu at home’: Parents accuse Gujarat school teacher of brainwashing children, audio goes viral

Parents alleged that their children are being brainwashed in the school in Jetpur in Gujarat by teaching about only Muslim rulers

Rajkot: Rafiq rapes Hindu friend’s minor daughter after inviting her home, arrested

A Rajkot-resident named Rafik lured his Hindu friend's minor daughter to his house and subsequently raped her.

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