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Clueless about ‘Kejriwalo-Savarnawalo’: Rajkot women attending Kejriwal rally attending it for these reasons

People attending Kejriwal's rallies and roadshows seem to be completely clueless about what they are doing there.

‘Hindus should leave, this place will become Pakistan’: Rajkot lawyer Sohil Hussain Mor threatens neighbours with knife on Shivaji jayanti

Sohil Hussain Mor also broke Ganesha idols and photo frames of gods and even assaulted a cop who tried to control the situation.

Gujarat: 5 Hindu youth attacked by Muslim mob over alleged blasphemy in Rajkot, police arrests 12

In yet another attack over alleged blasphemy, a frenzied Muslim mob attacked 5 Hindu youths in Bhaktinagar area of Rajkot, Gujarat

Rajkot: Underbridge named after late CDS General Bipin Rawat inaugurated by Gujarat CM

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel congratulated Rajkot Municipal Corporation for completing the project in record time.

Rajkot: Man killed over non-veg food waste disposal, accused Aslam, Gulam and three others arrested

The decedent, Chagan Zapda, was killed after a brawl with the owners of a non-veg food joint over improper waste disposal

Rajput women in Rajkot perform ‘Talwar Raas’, ‘liberals’ are triggered: Read about the tradition here

In ‘Talwar Raas’, Rajput women dress up in traditional colourful clothes and perform a traditional dance form using swords, displaying various skills.

Watch: Authorities in Gujarat evacuate stranded citizens as Saurashtra gets ravaged by floods

The Saurashtra region in Gujarat has been inundated with heavy rains in the past 24 hours, leading to massive floods.

Gujarat: Garage owner Mohammad gets woman to marry him by pretending to be unmarried, tries to convert her to Islam

The accused has been booked under the Gujrat Freedom of Religion Act (GFRA), making it the first case registered under the newly enacted anti-conversion law.

Gujarat govt officer threatens to curse state with drought if he is not given Rs 16 lakh salary and gratuity, calls self Kalki avatar

Referring to govt employees as 'demons' Rameshchandra Fefar claimed that he will unleash drought if his salary is withheld.

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