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In a recently organized event by Leftist Propaganda outlet, The Wire, 'Eminent Intellectual' Ravish Kumar spouted numerous inanities that only goes on to highlight the extent to which liberals have a delusional sense of their own selves.
Ravish Kumar of NDTV is a man known for many lows. But this may well be his lowest point.
Despite that, no one cried 'undeclared emergency' back in 2005, or even later.
In West Bengal, Bodies pile as Nero's guests feast.
Just because Arnab could do it, does not mean just anybody can.
Sushant Sinha, a journalist earlier with NDTV, has written an open letter to ‘unwell’ Ravish Kumar.
The Journalist who is left-leaning himself, wasn't too happy with the fake news
They soon deleted the joke from Facebook and Instagram
From Barkha criticising 'liberals' to Rajdeep introducing a JD-U leader as an RJD MP, yesterday saw it all.
The victim allegedly did not receive support from his politician father and had to agree for compromise.
Brajesh Kumar is accused of sexual exploitation and harassment and has been on run for many weeks.
He asked his brother to surrender before the police by 31st April, failing which he will blacken his TV screen.
The Supreme Court has now decided to hear the case on its merits
Brajesh Kumar was also the Vice President of Bihar unit of Congress but resigned after the charges.
A month has passed but the Bihar police has been unable to arrest the former Vice President of state Congress.
The minor Dalit girl had accused Brajesh Kumar of molesting her and of running a sex racket in Bihar.
Various reports suggest that the NDTV journalist’s clout and Congress connection is being used to put pressure.
Daughter of a Congress leader has alleged that Brajesh Kumar was running a sex racket
Both of them appeared to get into a duel on Twitter over Rahul Gandhi’s allegations against the PM.
NDTV fears that emails will be used ‘out of context’ to damage their reputation.
Revealed: The content on NDTV India which violated norms
Ravish needs to wake up and smell the coffee
Can you trust "journalist of the year" Ravish Kumar?

Proud of You, Media!

Indian media continues to surprise us. Many of the earlier analysis of the media was wrong. Glad that they are back to responsible journalism.
Ravish Kumar's sanctimonious rant is hypocritical

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