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Ravish Kumar

‘Jihadis like Rakibul get courage from people like you’: Tara Shahdeo slams Ravish Kumar for promoting a book by his ex-colleagues that calls love...

National shooter Tara Shahdeo took to X to slam ex-NDTV employee Ravish Kumar for promoting a book by his ex-colleague Sreenivasan Jain and others, named: Love Jihad and other fictions

As Qatar releases 8 Navy veterans they had handed the death penalty to, read how Congress and their lackeys had tried to use it...

Congress and their lackeys had tried to use death sentence of Indian Navy veterans in Qatar to target PM Modi but failed to acknowledge when they were released

Ravish Kumar whitewashes Islamist violence in Haldwani, suggests Opposition to milk it during election and dubs courts as ‘communal’

Ravish Kumar was seen scaremongering about the media, Judiciary and the State apparatus to deviate public discourse from the role of Muslim mobs in fomenting violence and chaos in Haldwani.

Statue of Unity got a whopping 50 lakh visitors in 2023: How the monument defied propagandists who predicted doom a few years ago

Five years down the line, it is clear that the Statue of Unity project is a big hit among tourists and it has helped spur the local economy to greater heights.

Ravish Kumar launches unhinged rant again, whines about Indian media’s focus on Ram Mandir instead of anti-Modi propaganda in foreign papers

Like a morose Congress, Ravish too is crying foul over Ram Mandir celebrations. He specifically named Dainik Jagran, Bhaskar, Hindustan and Amar Ujala, for their coverage of Ram Mandir

Parliament security breach: Accused Sagar Sharma a fanboy of Ravish Kumar, idolised Che Guevara, used ‘Gaumutra’ jibes

Sagar Sharma's Facebook bio reads, “Mera sapna hi meri daulta hai. Main itihaas likhunga, aya hoon duniya me kuch k(a)r k(e) marunga. (My dream is my asset. I will script history. Having come into this world, I do something notable before death).”

Ravish Kumar’s bizarre rant: Ex-NDTV journalist says Shivraj Chouhan defeated Narendra Modi in the MP assembly election

In his analysis of MP elections, Ravish Kumar oversimplified political decisions, missed BJP's strategic moves, and ignored PM Modi's influence.

Can Israel be a victim when all countries are supporting it: YouTuber Ravish Kumar downplays Hamas terror attack, floats conspiracy theory

Ravish Kumar inquired, “Are these Western nations doing justice (by siding with Israel) or amplifying terror (of Israel) in the name of combating terrorism?”

Child abuse has Hindu-Muslim filters too, for Ravish Kumar: How the ‘secular’ journalist spread propaganda over Muzaffarnagar and Kathua incidents

In the Kathua incident, Ravish Kumar blamed the victim for displaying his religious identity with the 'Jai Shri Ram' slogan for having earned the ire of his teacher and the principal.

Ravish Kumar rants about contractors being unpaid, demands accountability but carefully avoids mention of the Delhi govt’s role

Ravish Kumar succeeded in giving the impression that the Centre had not paid the contractors and was also causing inconvenience for the poor in Delhi.

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