Wednesday, July 6, 2022



40 bodies will arrive for postmortem from Guwahati, we had send them for sacrifice at Kamakhya: Sanjay Raut issues another threat to rebel MLAs

'Bulls are sacrificed at Kamakhya temple. We have sent 40 bulls for sacrifice,' Sanjay Raut on the rebel Shiv Sena MLAs

Revolt in Punjab Congress widens as 30 MLAs including 4 ministers from Sidhu camp want Amarinder Singh’s removal from CM’s post

30 Punjab Congress MLAs, including 4 ministers, say they do not trust CM Amarinder Singh anymore to deliver election promises

Pakistan in ‘civil war’ mode after Sindh Police and Army clash after police chief was kidnapped. Read details

A civil war is brewing in Pakistan after deadly clashes broke out between Sindh police and Pakistani army over the illegal detention of Sindh police chief.

‘Congress leadership is incompetent, loyalty matters to them and not genuine feedback’: Elder brother writes open letter to Sanjay Jha

Vibuthi Jha pointed out how foolish and dangerous it was for Congress leader Sanjay Jha to "permanently wed" to any ideology.

Congress’s Kerala office listed for sale on OLX amidst mass rebellion over a Rajya Sabha seat

As per the advertisement, one can buy the office for Rs 10,000

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