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‘Ran 40 servers to defeat ‘BJP IT Cell’, used NIT and IIT infra, formatted devices 2-3 times a day’: Read the claims of The...

Posts by Devesh Kumar on Reddit reveal a lot about his reservations and ideological subscriptions.

Complaint filed in the case of sexual harassment of Hindu women, whose pics were pornographically morphed for ‘stud Muslim men’

Complaint filed against Reddit and users who morphed images of Hindu women in a sexually derogatory manner.

Rape fantasies, sexual objectification and harassment of Hindu women: How targeting of some women hasn’t made it to news

And as everything evolves, so has targeted harassment. Hindu women on social media are now victims of rape fantasies and sexual objectification for Muslim men.

Hslut4Mstud: Hindu women sexually objectified, targeted with pornographic content on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr ‘for Muslim studs’

Users in the Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr community posted images of Hindu girls with objectionable comments portraying them as sexual objects for Muslim men.

The sexual objectification of women on Reddit and their dehumanization is further evidence of Grooming Jihad: How platforms are failing to act

Social media platform Reddit has been festering in recent times with vile bigoted propaganda.

Hate sex against Sanghis? Reddit becomes breeding ground for pornographic content of ‘Hindu women’ for ‘Muslim men’

Several subreddits appear on Reddit where people claim they hey share images of Hindu women who lust for Muslim men

Reddit controlled by American military-industrial complex? The troubling history of war hawk Jessica Ashooh, the policy director of the platform

In 2020, Director of Policy Jessica Ashooh oversaw the banning of over 2000 Reddit communities in a single day.

Most article on Scots Wikipedia written in mangled English by an American who can’t speak Scots: Reddit user makes explosive revelation

A Reddit user has revealed that most articles on Scots Wikipedia are written in mangled English by people who don't know Scots

Reddit user claims to have spent lakhs on hacking ‘BJP IT cell’ polls, many offer support

Reddit user claims to be running 40 Amazon servers to monitor and manipulate over 2 lakh Twitter bots to defeat BJP IT Cell

Terror targeted through social media sites? Censorship and propaganda reach a new level on Reddit India

Popular website Reddit's India-centric subreddit has shown a very suspicious pattern on censorship and propaganda

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