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Hslut4Mstud: Hindu women sexually objectified, targeted with pornographic content on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr ‘for Muslim studs’

Users in the Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr community posted images of Hindu girls with objectionable comments portraying them as sexual objects for Muslim men.

On January 24, a woman named Ankita from West Bengal posted a tweet with the screenshot of a post by a Reddit group ‘I_AM_Bengaalan’ whose photograph was misused. Ankita, who is a BJP worker, said wrote, “My photo is being misused on social media. I am feeling afraid. Posting proof of which was found on Reddit. A person named Radha Sheikh edited and posted my picture with heinous comments. I am requesting NCW, Rekha Sharma, Kolkata Police, to look into this matter.”

Screenshot of Ankita’s post. Source: Twitter. (image edited to protect privacy)

The user who posted the image deleted the post and his/her profile after the screenshot went viral on Twitter.

The user has deleted the profile after Ankita’s post went viral on Twitter. Source: Reddit

Speaking to OpIndia, Ankita said she came to know about the Reddit post after an unknown person on Twitter sent her the link in DM. “An unknown person on Twitter sent me that link after that I opened it and saw it’s none other than my own picture. I have talked to an advocate friend and will file a complaint today,” she said.

OpIndia further investigated the group in which the derogatory image was posted. The group’s description reads, “I am Bengali Hindu Girl having attracted on Muslim BBC.” The group is filled with highly objectionable posts and randomly picked photographs of Hindu women.

Screenshot of the group on Reddit. Source: Reddit

In one of the posts, a photograph probably picked from a social media account was posted with the caption that roughly translates to “Salim was very reasonable with your mom after she begged like this. He f**ked her after lifting her saree and ripped her undergarments that’s why the recording of Sharmaji can go viral.”

Source: Reddit (image edited by OpIndia to protect privacy)

Another post also looked like a photograph of a Hindu girl possibly picked from a social media account. The caption read, “Tell in comments where did Abdul took Sonia’s mother and why she has not returned yet.”

Source: Reddit (image edited by OpIndia to protect identity)

The users in the group used photographs of models and actresses as well. In another post, the caption read, “Your sister thought she was going through religious conversion process, but she loved Wasim too much and was ready to do anything… She doesn’t know the guy she thinks is moulana is just a pimp, and she is the newest in demand Hrandi of his brothel. Wasim has already moved on to other girls.”

Source: Reddit

In one of the most shocking posts, a nude photograph of a woman was posted with the caption, “Sister finally showed her true colours.” The text on the image read, “Tell me Atif, in whose room would you like to spend the night.”

Source: Reddit

In another post, the caption read, “My mom wants to show Mstuds how religious she is. Sometimes she comes very late to home when she goes to that temple. Probably, doing some extra worship to ignite Mstuds i guess.”

Source: Reddit

The group uses hashtag #hslut4mstud or “Hindu sl*t for Muslim stud”.

There was also a discussion section in the group filled with filthy language against Hindu women.

The group has a chat section as well. Source: Reddit

OpIndia had earlier reported that Reddit as a platform has been an underbelly for vile and bigoted propaganda as well as grooming jihad. Pornographic content is regularly shared on Reddit with an intention to cause communal tension and strife. The pornographic images often show Hindu women lusting for Muslim men.

Many, many such posts are posted on Twitter too, with same hashtags, sexually objectifying Hindu women for Muslim men.

Sexual objectification of Hindu women

In a now removed tweet, a Twitter user named Rashed shared about his ‘Hindu wife’ with crass and sexual remarks on an image of a woman.

More horrible tweets
Image with derogatory comments on women
Tweet from January 8, 2021

Many posts on Twitter go way back since August 2020.

Tweet from August 2020

Many such posts are posted by accounts with names which sound like that of Hindu women. However, they frequently speak about sexual objectification of women and use offensive terms and vulgar language for them.

Objectification of Hindu women
Hindu women sexually objectified

In fact, there are other channels on platforms like Tumblr where such sexual posts are made against Hindu women.

sexual objectification of women on Tumblr

Under the tag ‘interfaithxxx’ on Tumblr, one can see some of the most disturbing images of Hindu women being sexually objectified.


As of now, authorities have not intervened in the above harassment, despite the victim reaching out to them for help via social media.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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