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UK, which criticised India over CAA, passes a law that allows them to take people’s citizenship away without notice: Here is what the law...

UK's Nationality and Borders Act allows the nation to strip citizenship of anyone without information or warning

Did AAP or FRRO under MHA request EWS flats for illegal Rohingyas? All your questions answered after confusion created by misleading claims

Due to outrage triggered by misleading claims by Hardeep Singh Puri, MHA had to scrap plans to relocate Rohingyas to a different detention centre

1,110 registered Rohingyas to get flats, security, and basic facilities in Delhi, minister Hardeep S Puri informs

1,100 registered Rohingyas to get flats, basic amenities and security in Delhi, provided by Central govt.

Denmark plans to exempt Ukrainian refugees from controversial ‘jewellery law’ that allows police to seize valuables from immigrants to fund their stay

In 2016, Denmark introduced Jewellery Law allowing police to confiscate valuables from immigrants and asylum seekers

Poland steps up to help Indian students fleeing Ukraine: Here is how decades ago, an Indian Maharaja had sheltered Polish children during WWII

Today, the legacy of Maharaja Jadeja is resonating when Indian students are getting generous help and welcome in Poland.

Gandhi’s last protest: How he blackmailed India into giving 55 cr to Pakistan, dragged Hindu, Sikh refugees seeking shelter in mosques to die in...

During the partition, Gandhi was in Bengal. He reached Delhi in September 9, 1947, and termed the Indian capital city as 'city of corpses'. In January 1948, when Pakistan was causing brutal attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Gandhi started getting worried for Pakistan and the Muslims of Delhi.

Yogi Adityanath Govt to rehabilitate 63 Bengali Hindu refugee families displaced from East Pakistan in 1970: Details

Yogi Adityanath govt will rehabilitate 63 Hindu Bengali families who migrated to Kanpur after being displaced from East Pakistan

Turkey goes bananas, to deport 7 Syrian refugees over banana eating controversy

7 Syrian refugees are set to be deported from Turkey over a banana controversy over eating bananas.

Bangladesh: Seven killed in attack on Madrasa in Rohingya refugee camp, Rohingyas allege armed group ARSA attacked for refusing to open terror camp

ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) terrorists kill 7 in madrasa in Rohingya camp in Bangladesh for refusing to open terror training camp

Australia’s top Islamic body invites Taliban to address Australian Muslims via live webinar, draws criticism

Australian top Islamic body AFIC has invited Taliban radicals to address Australian Muslims.

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