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religious conversions

Vellore: Christian missionary hospital asks a Hindu family to convert to Christianity to provide free treatment for their 3-year-old ailing son

As per Iranna, when he went to the hospital in Vellore, they promised him of making all the arrangements, including Rs 10 lakh for the bone marrow surgery of his son, with the condition of offering daily prayers at church.

Jharkhand: Days after 181 Christians reconverted to the original tribal Sarna faith, 61 tribal Christian families do Gharwapsi

Hundreds of people from 61 families of Vanvasi (tribal) Samaj in Sahibganj district in Jharkhand did the same on March 25, 2022

SC dismisses a petition seeking measures to monitor activities of Christian missionaries

The top court rejected the petition citing Madras HC's order on religious conversions by Christian missionaries

Haryana Assembly passes anti-conversion bill amid protests by Congress, puts the burden of proof on the accused

Haryana assembly passed the Haryana Prevention of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Bill, 2022 amid protests by Congress

Gujarat: Five Muslim men including one Maulvi arrested for forced religious conversion in Bharuch

Mass conversions were recently reported in Gujarat where members of Vasava community (Scheduled Tribe) were forcefully converted to Islam

Christian missionaries descend upon Ukraine to ‘bring the gospel’ to people suffering due to the war

Millions fleeing the war are being targeted by American missionaries for conversion. As the refugees look to cross over to Poland for relative safety, they are being pestered by American preachers asking them to 'love Jesus'.

Jharkhand ‘faith healing’ controversy: BJP, VHP say rampant illegal conversions happening under Soren govt

Recently, a new controversy over unlawful religious conversion had emerged in Jharkhand. Local Hindus and Sikhs have accused one Ravi Singh, a Christian pastor of running a mass conversion racket in the name of 'healing'.

Newly elected Chennai mayor meets Bishop Ezra Sargunam who had said “Punch Hindus in their face and make them bleed”

Bishop Ezra Sargunam is a divisive Christian preacher from Tamil Nadu, he has close relations with the DMK.

Delhi HC issues notice in plea filed by mother alleging indoctrination, forced conversion of her minor child by Christian missionary NGOs: Details

A mother of a minor child has accused social workers of Christian missionary NGOs namely Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief and Prayas of 'indoctrinating' her Hindu child into Christianity without her consent

Malaysia: How a Hindu mother fought for custody of her minor children, who were converted to Islam ‘unilaterally’

The conversion was 'unilateral' as the children were minors and the consent of Loh Siew Hong was not sought.

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