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When Shaban had posted the original Tweet in 2017, many had pointed it out to her that she had not included the injustice and harassment faced by Muslim women and had attempted to shame Hindus for common social evils.
After Politics and Bollywood, Pakistani and Islamic propaganda now finds a space in narrative around Sports.
And till we have a better world, we need a Hindu nation here in India. Equal rights for Hindus in India would be a good beginning.
India said that a state whose foundation was laid on religious fundamentalism should not have any opinion on communal harmony
He had installed water cooler outside his house instead of sacrificing a goat for Bakri Eid
When I write this letter to you, my primary intention is to make clear, my justified discontent with your lack of clarity
Wasim Rizvi has been vocal against Islamic fundamentalists in the past too.
As Paris became worth a mass to Henry IV, so have Dongri and Null Bazaar become worth a mass to Jinnah
This is not the first time Muslim fundamentalists have moral policed celebrities.
The group has reportedly asked to vote for either Congress or Muslim candidates.
31-year old woman who stood up against Islamic Fundamentalism is missing
An article on Gupta’s ‘The Print’ had virtually equated Hindus with ISIS, and credited it to Taslima.
The incident happened in West Champaran, Bihar. Police is treating it as a case of ‘honour killing’.
Whom does a person marry is indeed a question of free will, but this is not about freedom to choose a partner.
Dangerous pockets of radicalisation and fundamentalisation are being created.
He wanted to spread communal tension and start communal riots.
Comments were left on the Facebook page of the Indian cricketers after he shared a picture.
The couple had returned to the village and to the woman's family hoping they will be 'forgiven' for their marriage.
Sonu Nigam today voluntarily shaved off his head after a Maulvi issued a fatwa demanding the same
They were reportedly attacked by the members of the Sunni community in Aligarh
They were protesting over the fact that Prophet’s Birthday was not celebrated in the same school earlier.
The district in Bihar saw stone pelting by Muslim and Hindu groups over installation of Hanuman idol.
The efforts and ideas behind resettling Kashmiri Hindus are not rooted in realities of today.
Anurag Kashyap chose to attack me because he couldn't attack jihadis
According to organisers, Kolkata Police put pressure on the hosts to cancel the event.
While it may appear that the idea will help in financial inclusion of Muslims, it’s a regressive step.

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