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McDonald’s shuts its stores in Sri Lanka, terminates agreement with local franchisee over poor hygiene case

Notices were spotted outside McDonald's outlets in Sri Lanka on Sunday, stating they were "closed".

Gurugram mouth freshener case: Restaurant manager arrested, customers were given toxic ‘dry ice’, say reports

On March 3, Ankit Kumar and his wife went for dinner to the Laforestta Cafe in Gurugram's Sector 90 along with their friends. 5 persons started bleeding from their mouth, and vomiting after consuming the mouth freshener that was served to them after their meals.

Haryana: 5 hospitalised after consuming mouth freshener at a restaurant in Gurugram, viral video shows bleeding from mouth

According to Ankit, his wife and friends, who consumed the mouth fresheners began vomiting and bleeding from their mouths.

Goa’s Curlies Restaurant, where Sonali Phogat was drugged and killed, to be demolished for violation of coastal zone norms

Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority has ordered the demolition of the Curlies restaurant, where Sonali Phogat was killed

Bangladesh: Hotel manager Manzoor Ahmed arrested for serving beef to Hindu customers. Here is what happened

"They must have served beef by mistake. What is the big deal? If you don't want to eat, then, you can leave," Manzoor told the group of Hindu customers.

‘It was the British manager who stopped my hijab-clad friend’: Customer clarifies in the Bahrain Indian restaurant controversy

Customer whose friend was stopped from entering Indian restaurant in Bahrain by a British manager gave statement: Watch

Woman claims British manager of an Indian restaurant in Bahrain refused entry to her veil-clad friend, restaurant shut down

Indian restaurant Lanterns' in Bahrain has been ordered to shut down for refusing entry to a veil-clad woman

USA: Americans vent their anger against Putin on Russian restaurants, many are actually run by Ukrainians

Russian Restaurants in New York City facing hate amidst Russian military action against Ukraine

Kolkata: Employees of Karim’s restaurant attack customers with knives and rods following arguments over cold food and extra onion

Social media user narrates how her brother and his friend were attacked by the employees of Karim's restaurant in Kolkata

Watch: Mumbai cop assaults and threatens restaurant cashier for refusing to serve food and drinks beyond service hours

A video has gone viral on Twitter that shows a Mumbai cop hitting a hotel cashier as the latter refuses to serve beyond serviceable hours

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