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Madras HC restricts entry of non-Hindus into Temples: Argument over burqa-clad visitors, and how TN govt tried to force ‘secularism’ in Temples 

Madras High Court restricted entry of non-Hindus in temples in its order on 30th January.

Commission for Air Quality Management re-imposes GRAP Stage-3 restrictions in Delhi as air quality deteriorates to ‘severe’ category

AQM Sub-Committee for Operationalization of actions under GRAP decided to invoke GRAP Stage-3 restrictions in Delhi due to falling air quality

Govt of Pakistan Twitter handle withheld in India

When anyone tries to access the Twitter account of the Pakistan government, it says, "Account Withheld @GovtofPakistan's account has been withheld in India in response to a legal demand."

RSS postpones route march in Tamil Nadu despite go-ahead from Madras HC due to restrictions imposed, to challenge the order

RSS asked for the permission to hold rallies in 50 places in the state. The Madras High Court had allowed the organization to take the route marches and hold the rallies in 44 places.

China: Workers leave the largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou to avoid Covid-19 restrictions, walk towards their homes in other cities

Workers of the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou that makes iPhones left the facility to escape severe Covid-19 restrictions

Twitter restricts artist-activist account for listing crimes committed by Muslim mobs and Islamists while not finding hailing of murderers in ‘violation of rules’

Nitin's tweet talked about houses of Dalits being allegedly burnt in Jaunpur and other incidents that had happened in a short span when the tweet was posted.

Domestic wheat prices fall up to 8 per cent after India imposes export ban: Details

After restrictions imposed on wheat exports, the domestic prices of wheat have come down by 8 per cent.

Railways to resume providing bed linen and blankets to passengers, curtains to return in trains with immediate effect

Restrictions on the provision of bed linen, blankets, and curtains inside trains removed by Indian Railways

New Zealand: Riots break out as police clamps down on demonstrators protesting against Covid restrictions

Anti-mandate protesters had been demonstrating against govt of New Zealand for imposing restrictions and vaccine mandates

Canada: ‘Liberal’ PM Trudeau invokes rarely used Emergencies Act to curb truckers protest, accounts of protestors to be suspended

Canada invoked Emergencies Act to curb truckers protest, if anyone's truck is part of blockade their corporate accounts would be suspended.

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