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‘Hinduphobia is on the rise on social media and other messaging platforms’: Rutgers report finds evidence of increase in anti-Hindu disinformation

The Rutgers report sheds light on evolving patterns of hate speech directed toward the Hindus across social media.

USA’s Rutgers University that employs Audrey Truschke created fake jobs to boost MBA program rankings, falsified placement numbers: Reports

The lawsuits accuse the Rutgers University business school of faking placement numbers to get better rankings.

Hinduphobic event ‘Holi against Hindutva’ to be held yet again, was accused of appropriating Hindu festival for political protests on US campuses earlier

Like past few years, 'Holi Against Hindutva' will be organised this year too on US campuses by anti-Hindu groups

More ‘concerned scholars’ including Pratap Bhanu Mehta distance themselves from controversial letter by Audrey Truschke against Vikram Sampath

Pratap Bhanu Mehta and others distance themselves from the controversial letter against Historian Vikram Sampath

‘We gotta take these MFs out’: Rutgers professor goes on racist rant against Whites, says they are committed to being villains

Rutgers University Professor Britney Cooper could be heard making a series of racist comments against White people in a viral video.

Meet Noah Berlatsky: The Rutgers University Press published author working hard to normalise pedophilia

Four years later, the author of 'Wonder Woman', Noah Berlatsky, is involved in a pedophilia apologia controversy.

The Life and Times of Audrey Truschke: Links to dubious Hinduphobic groups, accusations of stalking and other controversies

'Historian' Audrey Truschke, who teaches at Rutgers University, is one of the most unpopular academicians in India today.

Hinduphobic professor Audrey Truschke found stalking parents of students at Rutgers University who had passed resolution against Hinduphobia

Voices against Hinduphobia gained prominence in Rutgers University after it defended Hinduphobnic ‘historian’ Audrey Truschke

Rutgers Student Association passes historic resolution against Hinduphobia: All you need to know about the lead up to it

Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) passed a resolution (No. 1451-XX) to adopt a scholarly definition of Hinduphobia.

Current and prospective students at Rutgers slam varsity for defending anti-Hindu historian Audrey Truschke. Here are 5 testimonials

Rutgers University had defended Audrey Truschke's vile anti-Hindu bigotry as 'academic freedom'.

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