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sar tan se juda

‘She did nothing wrong but spoke the truth’: Dutch leader Geert Wilders speaks to former BJP leader Nupur Sharma, hails her as a ‘brave...

Notably, Geert Wilders has constantly supported Nupur Sharma ever since Islamists went on a rampage against Nupur Sharma for her comments on Prophet Muhammad.

Gujarat: CCTV footage shows man in skull cap trying to set fire to Sankaracharya Math in Bharuch; note threatening priest with ‘Sar Tan Se...

The CCTV footage of the incident showed a man in a black shirt and a skull cap hurling something towards the door of the Shankaracharya Math in Bharuch before igniting it

Pakistani experts ‘analyse’ Arabic text on a woman’s dress over ‘blasphemy’ allegations, discuss punishments despite confirmation that it was just random words

It happens only in Pakistan, that people are subjected to harassment, violence, Sar Tan Se Juda threats and mob lynching over mere suspicion and even baseless claims.

Random Arabic text on a dress, QR codes, baseless allegations: How Islamic fanatic population in Pakistan has been lynching people to death

Disturbing incidents of fanatic mob lynching in Pakistan over vague and often random accusations of blasphemy is an indication how the general populace has been filled with religious hatred and intolerance

‘We use Arabic, it is our language’: Kuwait-based designer company slams Pakistanis for ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ slogans against a girl wearing Arabic dress

The company added, “We use arabic words and letters in different fonts everywhere since its our language!” 

Chhattisgarh: Gausevak Sadhram Yadav murdered in ISIS-style in Kawardha, FIR under UAPA filed against Ayaz, Idris, Rafiq and 3 others

The police have imposed Section 16 of the UAPA on the six accused in the case. The terror link between Ayaz and Idris has also been uncovered.

‘We will come with swords in our hands to slaughter you collectively’: What ISIS magazine says on Hindus, Ayodhya, NIT Srinagar issues and more

In its latest edition, ISIS mouthpiece Voice of Khurasan threatened to commit slaughter against India and Hindus over issues ranging from Ayodhya to NIT Srinagar controversy.

‘Jab Wakt Hamara Ayega, Tab Sar Dhad Se Aalg Kiye Jayenge’: Asif Khan from Daman and three others arrested for issuing Sar Tan Se...

The four accused posted a photo of the Babri structure with the caption, "Sabar Jab Wakt Hamara Ayega, Tab Sar Dhad Se Alg Kiye Jayenge"

Jalgaon: Muslim crowd booked for ‘raising Hamas flags’, Sar Tan Se Juda slogans, SP MLA Abu Azmi demands withdrawal of complaint. What FIR, videos...

The participants in the rally including the 11 accused persons reportedly raised anti-India slogans and 'Sar Tan Se Juda' slogans. They also hailed Pakistan, Palestine, and Hamas during the rally and condemned India's support for Israel.

From introducing IPC 295a to Sharia in NIT Srinagar: Indicative list of how perennially outraged Islamists have their halal-certified cake and eat it too

With their innate ability to mobilise in large numbers in the name of religion, Islamists have been able to mould laws to their advantage.

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