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‘Today is a historic day’: Randeep Hooda flags off ‘Swatantraveer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi Yatra’ to mark 100 years of freedom fighter’s release from jail

Randeep Hooda, who will be portraying Veer Savarkar in his upcoming film, flagged off 'Swatantraveer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi Yatra' from Yerwada jail in Pune.

‘Nehru’s photos will be removed’: CT Ravi responds to Priyank Kharge’s statement of removing Sarvarkar’s photos from Karnataka assembly

"I challenge you to a public debate from the Cellular Jail itself about who was a true Freedom Fighter, your Nehru or Veer Savarkar. Veer Savarkar was not a Dynast like Nehru or you whose photo can be taken down by a bunch of Dynasty Worshippers," He added in the post.

Remembering Ganesh ‘Babarao’ Savarkar: The great soul who saw moksha in service of matribhoomi

Babarao was and is known for his revolutionary thinking and writing, exceptional political conscience, and indomitable devotion to freeing Bharat Mata from the clutches of anti-Hindu and anti-Indian bigots.

After Gandhi’s assassination, Congress workers executed a fatal attack on Dr Narayan Damodar Savarkar: Read about one of independent India’s first mob lynching

Congress supporters got angry and gathered around Veer Savarkar's house. Dr Narayan Damodar Savarkar was dragged out, he was hit with stones and bricks so much that he fell in a pool of blood.

Veer Savarkar’s grandson Satyaki Savarkar files defamation case against Rahul Gandhi in Pune for his comments in London

Grandon of Veer Savarkar files defamation case against Rahul Gandhi for claiming 'Veer Savarkar felt happy after beating Muslim man'

Those who cry in support of the proponent of Two-Nation theory, Iqbal, were silent about freedom fighter Veer Savarkar: The dangerous hypocrisy

As a school Principal was suspended for making the students sing a poem by Mohammad Iqbal and a slew of articles came out

Savarkar was a fierce patriot, a freedom fighter and a major social reformer: Home Minister Amit Shah

Amit Shah stated that Savarkar spent his entire life fighting for his country.

‘Why put Savarkar’s portrait in a Muslim area?’ Karnataka LoP Siddaramaiah on communal flare-up in Shivamogga

Siddaramaiah insinuated that putting up Savarkar’s poster in a “Muslim area” caused violence in Shivamogga.

Did Veer Savarkar ‘propose’ two-nation theory? How Islamists and Congress have lied about the idea that is inherent in Islamic theology

Veer Savarkar advocated for Hindus and Muslims to live in a common state, he didn't proposed the two-nation theory

Delhi HC directs Twitter to remove five more defamatory tweets posted by Audrey Truschke against Historian Vikram Sampath

Delhi HC said that despite court order, Audrey Truschke continues to post defamatory material against Vikram Sampath

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