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Virologist Dr Robert Malone claims UP govt withheld info from US about health kits handed out to Covid-19 patients: Here is the truth

Dr Robert Malone insinuated that India somehow withheld the use of Ivermectin from the United States government

Former Harvard professor convicted for fraud, hiding connections with China: Details

Lieber was contracted to take part in China's Thousand Talents Plan, a mass recruitment programme between 2012 and 2017. He was taking a lucrative salary from the Wuhan Institute of Technology too.

Pakistan: Nuclear scientist accuses Imran Khan govt of Talibanising education, forcing burqa upon women, TV host wears hijab in protest

Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy slammed Imran Khan govt over 'Talibanisation' of education under new Single National Curriculum

Diksha Shinde used false credentials to apply, not employed, not paid by us: NASA clarifies on Maharashtra teenager controversy

NASA, while responding to OpIndia's queries seeking clarification on the Diksha Shinde saga, said that she is neither employed by NASA nor has been awarded fellowship as that opportunity is only for US citizens.

Maharashtra teenager Diksha Shinde’s claims were false, ANI withdraws story after NASA said she used fake credentials

Maharashtra teenager Diksha Shinde has claimed she has been selected in the NASA MSI programme, but her claims do not add up

The Print tries to malign scientist Govardhan Das based on anonymous comments on PubPeer: Here is what happened

The Print had conceded that critical comments against Govardhan Das on PubPeer were not proof of research fraud.

New spider species named after 26/11 gallant cop Tukaram Omble, he took multiple bullets to help capture terrorist Ajmal Kasab

The spider species found in Maharashtra has been named 'Icius Tukarami', after 26/11 martyred cop Tukaram Omble

2 days after China admitted 5 fuel rods were damaged at Taishan nuclear plant, top nuclear scientist found dead under mysterious circumstances

One of China's top nuclear scientists and the Vice-President of Harbin Engineering University died after falling off from a building

As WHO finally admits that Covid-19 virus can be ‘airborne’, read how it had refused the possibility for a year, rejected evidence given by...

WHO had rejected studies by aerosol scientists confirming that Covid-19 virus can be airborne, relying on decades old faulty theories

Reports emerge that Chinese army and scientists worked together on animal viruses, amid (conspiracy) theories of covid being a bioweapon

Documents accessed by The Mail reveals that scientists at Wuhan Institute of Virology(WIV) teamed up with Chinese Army personnel to uncover the "dark matter" of biology responsible for the spread of animal viruses among humans.

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