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Maldives: Ruckus breaks out in Parliament, ruling MPs irritate Speaker with trumpets, engage in physical fight

The videos of the scuffle have gone viral on social media, with netizens questioning the political turmoil in the archipelago.

Madhya Pradesh: Political fight between two groups in Jabalpur portrayed online as an attack on Sikhs

The scuffle took place between a politician (the Sikh man seen in the video) and members of the opposite political party during the Vidhan Sabha polling in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh: Congress workers scuffle in a rally of Jan Aakrosh Yatra in Ujjain

A video from a rally in Jan Aakrosh Yatra organised by Congress in Ujjain has surfaced in which Congress workers were seen fighting with each other.

Rajasthan: Man brutally assaulted and dragged behind scooter by his younger brother in Nagaur, police take action after video goes viral

Younger brother Hansraj beat elder brother Manohar and tied him to the scooter with a rope and dragged him along the village street.

Gujarat: Woman discovers man in neighbourhood was stealing her undergarments for 8 months, 10 injured and 20 arrested in clash after that

10 injured and 20 arrested in Gujarat after a clash following man caught stealing and stashing women's underwear

‘Kashmiri Muslims led a mob to attack a student for praising ‘The Kerala Story’: Eyewitness of GMC hostel scuffle that left one injured

As per an eyewitness, a student was threatened by a group of Muslim students for praising 'The Kerala Story' on Whatsapp.

PT Usha heckled by protestors, late-night scuffle with Delhi police, AAP’s Somnath Bharti’s involvement and a dangerous call by Punia: What we know

Scuffle broke down between the protesting wrestlers and Delhi police at Jantar Mantar after Aam Aadmi Party leaders, including Somnath Bharti and DCW chairperson Swati Mahiwal, visited the protest site

West Bengal: Hindu students wear ‘Namabali’ after school allows Hijab wearing students entry, asks Hindu students to respect ‘dress code’ to ‘diffuse tension’

Scuffle broke out between two groups of students over wearing religious attire to school in Howrah, West Bengal

Gujarat: Congress workers descend to hooliganism to make its ‘symbolic bandh’ a success, scuffle with shopkeepers to forcibly shut shops in Patan

The Congress workers forced the shopkeepers in Patan in Gujarat to shutdown their shops during its 4-hour bandh

Kerala: Left-wing ‘student activists’ lock Principal after he denies admission to their leader

SFI activists tried to forcibly stop the police from entering the college campus, thereby leading to a scuffle.

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