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Woke concepts creeping into science? Gender activists push to stop anthropologists from marking human remains as ‘male’ or ‘female’

Gender activists want anthropologists to stop marking human remains as male or female.

Here is what Islam says about sexual relations with a minor girl

According to Islamic scholars, a man may satisfy his sexual desires with a minor girl as young as a newborn with non-penetrative sex

American radio show defends “Gender Queer”, a book that was banned across schools in the US for pornographic content involving children

NPR's 1A defended 'Gender Queer' book, which was pulled out from many schools across the US for its sexually explicit content

Catholic college students in Minnesota organise ‘sex competitions’ to see who can have sex with most women, investigation ordered after outrage

Male students of catholic college in Minnesota were assigned points for different sex acts and for having sex with maximum number of females

PETA resorts to sex: Shares cringe sexual videos making dubious claims to promote veganism

PETA is claiming that vegans enjoy great sex life and they are superior in terms of sexual performance to non-vegans, especially meat-eaters.

“Males cannot be singled out in voluntary sexual union”: Calcutta HC acquits man accused of consensual sex with minor girl under POCSO

Calcutta High Court said that man can't be accused of rape under POCSO for having sex with minor girl because she is mature enough

Mumbai: Minor boy sent to juvenile home after his 16-year-old porn addict sister got pregnant by forcing him to have sex with her

The 16-year-old girl was reportedly a porn addict and had allegedly coerced her younger brother into having sex with her against his consent

Gujarat youth Salman Mirza dies after sealing his genitals with adhesive during sex, family blames former fiancee

The police officer investigating the case said that the couple used to abuse a drug that involved a whitener and the adhesive, which is inhaled to get a kick.

‘Unmarried girls in the country do not indulge in sex just for fun’: Says MP High Court rejecting bail to man accused of rape...

MP High Court said that as a man had sex with his girlfriend promising marriage but didn't marry her, he can be prosecuted for rape

Dear Feminism In India, please stop, the ‘people with vulva’ are embarrassed

There is more to feminism than reducing us to sexual life and organs - and please stop calling us 'people with vulva'

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