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UK: Tory MP ‘caught watching porn’ inside House of Commons, female MPs complain sexism in parliament

The Tory MP was reportedly seen watching the pornographic content by one of the female ministers.

Women’s masturbation to bathing after sex: Darul Uloom Deoband’s Sharia-compliant advice on sexual queries by Muslims

From masturbation to wearing a headscarf to clandestine sex, these questions cover a wide spectrum of issues.

No, “ch*tiya” Sanjay Raut, comparing roads to women’s cheeks is not ‘respect’

What makes such sexist jibes worse is that the flagbearers of feminism are silent on it because the ones on the receiving end are 'Sanghis' who anyway are considered dispensable.

From ‘fire in Mamata Banerjee’s panties’ to rape jokes: Vices that torment India’s comic scene

From objectification of women to innuendos on women's virginity, Indian comedians have a habit of perpetuating immoral behaviour under the guise of “comedy”

Actor Yami Gautam calls out sexism by India Today, asks why movie reviews should leave out the names of female actors

Yami Gautam took to Twitter on September 10 to call out the media house for dropping the names of female actors from the headline of the review of ‘Bhoot Police’.

Feminism in India Editor Japleen Pasricha called out for sexist jibe at Mayawati, blames it on ‘internalised sexism’

Japleen Pasricha, founder-CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Feminism in India, has apologised for a sexist jibe at Mayawati.

She was bowling to him, I did not use any other word: Sunil Gavaskar issues clarification after being targetted with fake news

Hours after being subjected to online backlash for 'sexism' and 'misogyny' on the basis of fake news, ace cricketer Sunil Gavaskar responded to the controversy

‘Divorced women are bloodthirsty’ Congress leader Udit Raj claims while giving clean chit to ‘gentleman’ Anurag Kashyap

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the Congress leader Udit Raj, hailing the Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap as a 'gentleman' said that the two separated wives of the 'Metoo' accused director had stood up in support of Kashyap, who are otherwise 'bloodthirsty' in nature.

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg had once boasted about arranging dates for his teenaged “tall, busty and blonde” daughter in every Chinese city they visited

Michael Bloomberg had once made a sexualized comment about his teenage daughter calling her "busty and blonde"

Shashi Tharoor to Kanhaiya Kumar: How these ‘progressive men’ are men first, ‘progressive’ later

'Progressive' men who talk about feminism and smashing patriarchy are men first, progressive later.

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