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Jharkhand Congress MLA Irfan Ansari makes a sexist jibe, promises to make roads ‘smoother than cheeks of Kangana Ranaut’

Jharkhand Congress MLA Dr Irfan Ansari has released a video wherein he has vowed to make roads of his assembly constituency, Jamtara, smoother than the cheeks of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut

Devdutt Pattnaik invited by Govt to speak at Youth Festival, Netizens share screenshots of his vile, abusive tweets

Sharing screenshots of his abusive and sexually derogatory tweets, Netizens urged Union Minister Anurag Thakur to remove Devdutt Pattnaik from the speakers' panel at the Youth Festival.

‘Not in good taste,’ BJP MP Hema Malini hits out on those who compare roads to her cheeks

Shiv Sena leader Gulabrao Patil on Sunday compared roads outside his house to Hema Malini's cheeks. MP Sanjay Raut endorsed it saying that such comparison shows respect to her.

Punjab Congress makes sexist remarks about Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, drags Kangana Ranaut’s name for political mudslinging

It must be mentioned that this isn't the first time when politicians have dragged the names of actresses and women personalities to score political goals.

ABP anchor Rubika Liyaquat slams farmer leader for sexist jibe on live TV, Congress troll mocks her

"Good to see that you have left or else I would have kicked you out," Rubika Liyaquat stated during the debate.

‘Hema Malini is old’: Congress Minister says roads should be like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks

Congress Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha said the roads of his village should be like the cheeks of actress Katrina Kaif.

‘Kangana ko kya kya chaatne se Padma Shri mila hai sab jaante hai’: Shiv Sena MP goes on sexist tirade against national award winning...

Shiv Sena MP Krupal Tumane also called Kangana 'tuchha' while insinuating she did not deserve the Padma Shri that was conferred upon her.

Twitter withholds sexist tweet of ‘comedian’ Munawar Faruqui targeting national award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut

In his tweet, Munawar Faruqui attempted to take sly on Kangana Ranaut, however, but he ended up making vulgar comments

Sexist Tamil Nadu Congress offers saree and bangles to PM Modi, alluding he is not ‘man enough’ to run the country

The party which is headed by Sonia Gandhi and boasts of Indira Gandhi, India's first female PM, tries to imply that saree and bangle wearing individuals can't run the country.

#ArrestRandeepHooda trends as netizens fume over derogatory remarks against former UP CM Mayawati

Previously, comedian Abash Matthew and Feminism In India's Japleen Pasricha's old tweets containing derogatory remarks against Mayawati had gone viral.

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