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shaheen bagh

Media fans the same flame as 2019 that caused 2020 riots: After CAA notification, media jumps to paint Shaheen Bagh Muslims as victims, even...

Misleading information about CAA still lingers among Indian Muslims, especially in Shaheen Bagh. Mainstream media has been fanning it.

No smoking, more Namaz: Shahrukh Saifi had changed lifestyle before Kerala train fire attack, notes with Urdu words like Badkaar, Kufra, Fariqain, Maghloob etc...

Shahrukh Saifi who set a train on fire in Kerala changed his lifestyle in June last year as he quit smoking and would spend more time in Namaz

Shaheen Bagh link emerges in Kozhikode train attack case, Kerala Police reach Delhi for probe

According to the police, Shahrukh Saifi a Shaheen Bagh native went missing from his house on March 30. Following this, his parents lodged a missing person complaint on Saturday.

Vice president of George Soros founded Open Society Foundation was part of Bharat Jodo Yatra, anti-CAA protests and farmer protests: Read details

Salil Shetty, global vice president of Open Society Foundations founded by George Soros, has been actively involved in anti-govt protests

Haldwani protest could be Shaheen Bagh 2.0: Not just the roadblock but there are other parallels too. Here is what the drama is about

Since the 28th of December 2022, the residents of Haldwani, Uttarakhand, mostly Muslims, have been protesting against the authorities

‘Ye Hamare Khoon Mein Hai’: ‘Activist’ Aasif Mujtaba instigates AMU students, says Jamia was created for Muslims to learn to ‘resist’

Aasif Mujtaba instigated the students in Aligarh Muslim University, asserting that Jamia was created for Muslims to learn to 'resist'.

PFI was planning a ‘Shaheen bagh’ style protest, wanted a repeat of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots: Report

NIA and other agencies recently carried out second rounds of arrests and raids against PFI leaders.

Shaheen Bagh woman calls Republic TV journalist ‘digital tawaif’: How Liberals celebrate abuse of journalists they don’t agree with

Abusive troll Aiman Rizvi hackled Republic Bharat's female journalist at Shaheen Bagh, liberals celebrate

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and aides create ruckus during anti-encroachment drive in Madanpur Khadar in Delhi, was booked for similar acts at Shaheen Bagh

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was earlier booked for obstructing demolition drive in Shaheen Bagh on May 9

Supreme Court rejects Communist party’s petition against Shaheen Bagh demolition drive, asks them to approach High Court

As per reports, the apex court rejected the CPM's plea, stating that none of the affected parties has been a part of the petition and it is purely political in nature.

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