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UP: Mohammed Shami’s village likely to get a cricket stadium, local administration survey land for construction

Mohammed Shami’s village, Sahaspur Alinagar, is likely to get a stadium of its own. UP authorities recently visited the village to inspect areas for construction.

Pakistani Islamists target Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami for posting Diwali greetings

Pakistanis accused Mohammed Shami of being a fake Muslim for posting Diwali greetings

Support for Shami, silence over Hassan Ali: The two faces of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan 'extended his support' to Shami but failed to support his own teammate Hassan Ali.

Islamist harassment of journalists and entertainers: What the abuse and targeted attacks tell us about online leftist culture

It has extremely normal for entertainers, sportsmen and journalists to be viciously trolled and abused by Islamists.

Virat Kohli fans attack Twitter user for disagreeing with his comments, target his 7 year old son

Virat Kohli fans attacked a Twitter user because he disagreed with the Indian captain's comments on the Mohammad Shami controversy.

Virat Kohli speaks up on Mohammad Shami: Here’s why netizens are not happy with the response

Virat Kohli was asked a question on the Mohammad Shami controversy during a press conference on Saturday.

How Pakistani handles peddled the ‘Shami abused for being a Muslim’ propaganda and Indian ‘Left-Liberals’ amplified it

How Pakistani handles propagated attack on Shami to peddle propaganda that Md Shami is being abused by Indian social media users.

After silently watching Islamists abuse Mohammad Shami for being a ‘bad Muslim’, liberals wake up from their slumber after T20 defeat: Here’s why

Liberals cite stray attacks from suspicious accounts against Mohammad Shami to allege that he is targeted for being a Muslim. 

Pakistani Journalist takes madness to next level, claims Kohli made Shami bowl last over to direct hate towards Muslims

Pakistan had not lost a single wicket through the 16 previous overs and was already looking at a comfortable win with enough balls to spare.

Pakistani analyst says BJP doesn’t want a Muslim to break record in World Cup after India rested Shami against Sri Lanka

"I think it is the BJP agenda. That do not let Muslims play. I wouldn't be surprised. This is the thing in 'Breaking India'," said a Pakistani analyst on Mohammad Shami rested against Sri Lanka.

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