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Rana Ayyub defends PFI’s plan to turn India into an Islamic nation: How Islamists are now shedding all pretence of being “moderate”

Amid the ongoing crackdown against the radical Islamist outfit, there are several Muslim "intellectuals" who have come out in support of PFI

Islamists and ‘liberals’ rally behind Prayagraj riots accused Javed Ahmed, call demolition of illegally constructed house ‘vendetta’

Islamists and liberals have now flocked to the defence of Javed Ahmed, the alleged mastermind of the Prayagraj riots.

‘Dara Hua Media’: HT goes NDTV Pro Max, changes representational image of Muslim man even before Islamists attack

The move by Hindustan Times to change the representational image without any provocation or apparent public attack has raised several questions.

NDTV using burqa clad ladies in featured image for Nipah Virus upsets usual suspects, Islamophobia claims fly

Twitter user Sameer even declared NDTV as 'kuffar laetebar' and said he was not surprised NDTV used the image for reporting on Nipah Virus.

A scuffle has broken out among the “liberals” : Here is what you need to know

The radicals in the minority community are now getting restive. Why should they accept leadership from the liberal elite? The radicals have the numbers. They want to assert themselves and make the rules for their side.

‘How dare you?’: HT and Times Now use photos of Muslim women in reports, after NDTV bowed down to Islamist troll

Sharjeel Usmani had issued a not-so-subtle threat against NDTV, following which leftist network bowed down to his demands.

Funeral pyres of Hindus are stunning but Muslim man getting tested for COVID is ‘demonisation’: How media plays to the gallery

NDTV removed an image of a Muslim man getting tested for Covid-19 after a not-so-subtle threat by Sharjeel Usmani.

Islamofascists inch towards total narrative control as they get NDTV to delete a harmless image showing a Muslim man getting tested for COVID

Islamists on Saturday bullied NDTV into deleting a tweet which had representational image of a Muslim man getting tested for coronavirus. For a community...

BJYM member arrested for criticising Sharad Pawar is the same person who had filed a complaint against Islamist Sharjeel Usmani

Pradip Gavade had filed a case against Sharjeel Usmani in February in the aftermath of the latter's Elgar Parishad 2021 address.

Islamist Sharjeel Usmani invokes Martin Luther King Jr to justify Delhi rioter Shahrukh pointing gun at police, celebrating Rohit Sardana’s death

Islamist Sharjeel Usmani has invoked Martin Luther King Jr. to justify his morbid hatred against the Hindu community.

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