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How Khalistanis spread a corrupted version of partition to separate Punjab from its Hindu identity and further their agenda of geographical separation

Khalistanis don't want people to think that partition was India's loss, they don't think it was a loss for Hindus; they peddle the narrative that Punjab sacrificed land and life so naturally, for them, Sikhs sacrificed land and life and hence Sikhs, as per Khalistanis, have a divine right to a separate state carved out of India.

Left with nothing after the brutal partition of India, read how Kumari Jethi T Sipahimalani spearheaded the resettlement of the Sindhi community in Mumbai

That the Sindhis were an economically, politically, and even socially developed community is reflected in the life story of Kumari Jethi Tulsidas Sipahimalani.

‘We respect Sikhism, but we are choosing Sanatana Dharma, Ramayana and Bhagwad Gita will be recited in Sindhi Temples’: Mahant Swami Tulsidas Udasi

Sindhi Temples to recite Ramayana Bhagwad Gita and Siddhant Sagar after submitting swaroops Guru Granth Sahib to local Gurudwaras.

Indore: SGPC team meets Sindhi community leaders after Sindhis hand over Swaroops of Guru Granth Sahib to Gurudwaras

SGPC team met Sindhi community in Indore to resolve matter of submitting Bir of Guru Granth Sahib to Gurudwaras.

“In the name of Jesus…”: Nadiad based Christian group accused of religious conversion in Godhra after videos of ‘exorcism’ go viral

A case of suspected forced religious conversion to Christianity has come to the fore in Bhuravav area of Godhra in Gujarat's Panchmahal district

Geo News headquarters in Karachi vandalised by protestors after its journalist called Sindhi people ‘bhukhe nange’

Geo News claimed that the protestors harassed the staff in the building, which included women employees.

Two minor Hindu girls abducted by brother of a politician in Pakistan, World Sindhi Congress condemns the abduction and forced conversion

Two minor Hindu girls have been abducted by the brother of an influential local politician in Sindh province in Pakistan

Gujarati, Jain and Sindhi communities in Bhopal ban pre-wedding photoshoot and Sangeet ceremony as these are ‘against their culture’

Digambar Jain saint Munishree Prasad Sagar Maharaj has called for ban on pre-wedding photoshoot and choreographers in Sangeet ceremony

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