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With the election season in full swing, I am reminded of the famous phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. As clear as this phrase is to Economists, politicians tend to disregard this important lesson while they formulate populist economic policies that tend to garner more support than sound economic policies. Socialists just want to spend, spend and spend as if it’s a free buffet, little do they realise that at the end of the day, there’s someone’s labour that is responsible for paying for the buffet. A good example of how such policies can be...
Some of my professors have advocated for the comprehensive view that Marx takes of the society and accept that he is more of a social thinker than an economist.
The estate department will serve a notice if there was any 'intentional' damage to the property or if anything was missing.
He has even asked the government to 'return' some of his personal items he has left behind.
India needs to rethink public ownership of banks according to the chief economic advisor
Comments by an economist and an article by a 'think tank' were twisted to target Modi government
The left-wing virtue signalling activists are noting but intolerant bunch of authoritarian maniacs.
Modi Government has taken a step which is financially good, but politically bad

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