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Soft power

From soft power ascendancy to global leadership: India’s inspiring rise and future prospects in the international arena

India has a vision of a relatively pluralistic government, non-violent, and liberal with a non-threatening global leadership.

Ahead of the no-confidence motion, Pakistan PM Imran Khan praises Indian foreign policy yet again: Here is what he said this time

In March this year, Imran Khan had praised India’s independent foreign policy at a public meeting in Malakand in Pakistan.

International Yoga Day: PM Modi launches M-Yoga app, emphasises the importance of Yoga during the Coronavirus pandemic

7th edition of International Yoga Day celebrated across the world. The theme for this year is Yoga for Wellness.

Official Twitter account of The White House follows PM Modi and President​ Kovind

The White House follows only 19 accounts on Twitter of which no other non-American leader is followed except PM Modi and President Kovind

Chinese President Xi Jinping to arrive in India for informal summit: Here is the significance of summit being held at Mamallapuram

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India for his second informal summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi since they had met in China's Wuhan in April last year.

2019 Passport Index: India’s ranking improves to 67, jumps 10 places in 4 years

The UAE passport ranked the highest in the index with it allowing hassle-free travel to 167 countries ahead of Germany in the second position while the USA and France share the third spot with 10 other countries.

International Yoga Day: Differently abled persons attempt to set world record for ‘largest silent Yoga class’

People all over the world celebrated the 4th International Yoga Day by remembering and practicing our ancient culture

It is time Yoga is taken up as a wellness program by the Government of India

It is time we reclaim what is rightfully ours

‘The society that our public discourse produces, suffers from serious inferiority complex’, says S Gurumurthy

A summary of main ideas presented by S Gurumurthy in the second Cho Ramaswamy lecture

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