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‘You are no layman. You are a minister. You should know the consequences’: SC raps Udhayanidhi Stalin over remarks on Sanatana Dharma

Hearing a plea seeking consolidation of FIRs against Udhayanidhi Stalin, the top court hauled the DMK leader over the coals over his remarks on Sanatana Dharma.

Effigies of Sanatana Dharma detractors along with Ravan, Meghanad, and Kumbhakaran installed at Delhi’s Red Fort ground for Dussehra

Recently, Udhayanidhi Stalin, A Raja, and Priyank Kharge had attacked Sanatana Dharma, comparing it with diseases like dengue, malaria, and HIV.

‘Won’t allow it, follow standard procedures’: CJI refuses to urgently list plea against Udhayanidhi Stalin’s ‘Sanatana Dharma needs to be eradicated’ remark

On September 2, Udhayanidhi Stalin had called for the eradication of Sanatana Dharma and likened it to mosquitos, malaria, and coronavirus.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, his statement on Sanatan Dharma and 3 steps to tackle it: Annamalai, following the money trail and painstaking groundwork

The recent hate speech by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin’s son and minister as well as anointed heir to the throne, Udhayanidhi Stalin against Hindus has produced a variety of interesting responses

When Hitler and Stalin shook hands as they thought communism was a promise of heaven: As Western Europe sleeps, Hungary should light candle of...

August 23 reminds us of the handshakes of two dictators and the anti-human regimes they ran - Nazis led by Hitler, Communists led by Stalin

No leader, no seat-sharing agreement, no agenda yet: ‘Opposition Meet’ in Bengaluru is all about grandiose statements and dreams of defeating Modi

Sources said Congress is keen that the chairperson should be from the party as it is the largest party in the grouping. However, the party may not be not adamant on the matter and would be willing to go by the combined decision of opposition parties.

Congress supporters attack journalist terming her as a “terror supporter” for exposing Congress’ hypocrisy over the release of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers

Pallavi Ghosh questioned Congress over its alliance with DMK, which has hailed the release of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers.

Kavita Krishnan tweets about socialist regimes being autocratic, removed from primary membership by CPI(ML) after differences of opinion

CPI(ML) Liberation’s Polit Bureau member and a Central Committee member for more than two decades Kavita Krishnan has been relieved of all posts she held in the party

Russia to award women who give birth to 10 children, Putin brings back Stalin-era ‘Mother Heroine’ title to boost population

According to the decree, the mothers who are qualifying for the award will also be provided with a one-time payment of 1 million rubles as soon as their tenth living child turns a year old.

DMK spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi calls for genocide of Tamil Brahmins, wants to adopt Periyar’s killing model: Details

DMK party in Tamil Nadu courted controversy after its official spokesperson R. Rajiv Gandhi claimed that Tamil Brahmins should have been killed

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