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Read what advocate Vishnu Jain put forward as reasons to remove “Socialist” and “Secular” from Preamble of Constitution, which Supreme Court didn’t have time...

In previous hearing, Vishnu Jain had argued that the Preamble of Constitution of India comes with a specific date, therefore it cannot be amended without discussion.

‘Tune kiya, tujhe pata nahi hai, par tune kiya’: Anti-Modi lobby credit SRK for the release of 8 Navy veterans from Qatar despite his...

Despite his express denial, the anti-Modi lobby is bent on crediting actor SRK for the diplomatic coup by the India govt to secure the release of 8 Navy officials from Qatar.

Shah Rukh Khan denies claims by Subramanian Swamy that he facilitated the release of Navy veterans from Qatar, credits Indian govt

Subramanian Swamy, who is notorious for peddling fake news, claimed that the Qatari government released the veterans at the request of actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Kapil Sibal, who went against Ram Mandir and was called corrupt by Subramanian Swamy, to represent him against BJP leader Tajinder Bagga

In the Tajinder Bagga's defamation suit against Subramanian Swamy, Kapil Sibal will be the lawyer of Swamy

Netizens react after Subramanian Swamy feels ‘sorrowful’ for the death of Pervez Musharraf, ex-Pakistani dictator and architect of the Kargil war

Just like many other Indian liberals, Subramanian Swamy was 'sorrowful' at the passing of the man he believed was 'always anxious to find a way to peace with India'

Subramanian Swamy is a Z category protectee, security arrangements for him are adequate: Centre tells Delhi High Court

Subramanian Swamy filed a petition with the Delhi HC on October 27 alleging that the Centre has not made proper security arrangements for him at his private residence.

Subramanian Swamy claims Modi and Shah planning to do a ‘Haren Pandya’ on him, issues veiled threat against PM

Subramanian Swamy took to Twitter to repeat the same lies that the biased sections of the media and self-styled secularists have been peddling for years that Modi was behind Pandya's murder.

As Delhi HC’s 6-week notice to Subramanian Swamy to vacate govt bungalow ends, he approaches court claiming centre has not made security arrangements

Subramanian Swamy approached Delhi HC claiming that Centre failed to ensure security arrangements at his private residence in Delhi

Delhi HC rejects Subramanian Swamy’s plea to retain Lutyens’s Bungalow allotted to him, directs to vacate within 6 weeks

Delhi HC noted that Subramanian Swamy can shift to his own house in Nizamuddin East, and directed govt to provide him security

Netizens try to crack cryptic post by Subramanian Swamy on “Tantrik Pujas in Tata & Sons”, black magic to sinister plan behind Cyrus Mistry’s...

Subramanian Swamy published a cryptic message on Twitter, netizens believe he is blaming Tatas for death of Cyrus Mistry

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