Monday, July 26, 2021



Textile ministry adopts drone technology to tackle land encroachment, stunning visuals show how survey is carried out

Drone survey carried out as pilot project to check on encroachment on assets owned by the NTC.

Negative sentiments about China and Xi Jinping at a record high among most advanced countries: Pew Research study

A majority of respondents in 15 of the 17 advanced economies surveyed this year by the Pew Research hold unfavourable opinion of China

74% Indian Muslims prefer Sharia over Indian laws: Pew Research

Interfaith marriages find strongest opposition among the Muslim community as per the research. 80% Muslims do not want their women to marry non-Muslim men, while 76% do not want men to marry non-Muslim women.

Approval rating of PM Modi highest among world leaders at 66%, ahead of Biden, Trudeau, Merkel and others

PM Modi continues to remain at the pole position among the list of world leaders with the highest approval ratings

The New York Times uses arbitrarily chosen random numbers to claim that India’s actual Covid-19 infection and deaths are much more

New York Times multiplied India's Covid-19 numbers with various random numbers to claim the numbers are under-reported

Uttar Pradesh: Gyanvapi mosque management committee seeks a stay on ASI survey, Sunni board supports them

The Gyanvapi mosque management committee had filed an urgent petition in Allahabad High Court seeking a stay on ASI survey of Gyanvapi mosque complex.

India sees Yogi Adityanath as PM Modi’s successor, Rahul Gandhi stands nowhere: Survey

As per the India Today Mood of the Nation survey, Rahul Gandhi virtually is no challenge to PM Narendra Modi

Rajdeep Sardesai ‘baffled’ by India Today survey that shows Modi govt winning a sweeping majority if elections held today: Details

Taking to Twitter, Sardesai said that he was 'baffled' to see that despite the economic hardships resulted by the pandemic, Indians still love the Modi government.

Survey suggests 53% Indians supports new Farm Laws, call farmers protest ‘politically motivated’: Here is what the numbers say

The survey concluded that maximum respondents found the new farm laws beneficial for the farmers in India

‘These numbers are bewildering’: Watch how Rajdeep Sardesai refuses to believe India Today survey’s approval rating of PM Modi

Rajdeep Sardesai was rather shocked and bewildered as his own channel's survey seems to give PM Modi's handling of the economy an approval rating of 72%

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