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Maharashtra: In the wee hours of the night, Islamists wave swords, bang at doors of locals for no apparent reason, five arrested for terrorizing...

The arrested accused roamed with swords, axes, and knives in their hands and they terrorized local residents of Dahisar Mori and Thakurpara villages in Thane.

Rajput women in Rajkot perform ‘Talwar Raas’, ‘liberals’ are triggered: Read about the tradition here

In ‘Talwar Raas’, Rajput women dress up in traditional colourful clothes and perform a traditional dance form using swords, displaying various skills.

Manali: Four tourists from Punjab arrested for attacking the public with swords when asked to reverse their car

A case has been registered under the Arms act and relevant sections of the IPC against the tourists from Punjab, who openly brandished swords on the road in Manali to threaten locals.

Ayurveda shop owner attacked with swords and stones by a group of seven men in Amritsar

Seven men armed with swords and stones attacked Ayurveda shop owner Shamsher Singh in Amritsar, vandalised the shop

Occultist and e-rickshaw driver Aas Mohammad killed by sword-wielding assailants in Ghaziabad, police suspect hand of second wife

After killing Aas Mohammad, the two assailants escaped on the bike while swinging swords in the air.

‘Farmer’ from Punjab attacks Delhi Police SHO in inebriated state at Singhu border, tries to snatch cop’s car

'Farmer' Harpreet from Punjab attacks Delhi Police personnel with sword in inebriated state

Netizens demand arrest of SP MLA Abu Azmi after he flouts social distancing guidelines, cuts birthday cake with a sword

Last month, the Mumbai Police had arrested a man named Haris Khan for celebrating birthday amid covid pandemic and cutting cakes with a sword.

‘Liberals’ and Islamists attack cricketer Ravindrasinh Jadeja, mock Rajput community after he shares a video of his swordsmanship

Islamists and liberals mocked Rajput community after Jadeja shared a video of himself displaying his swordsmanship.

Gujarat: 100 swords seized from Mangrol, arms dealer Hasan Vanjha along with 4 others arrested

The Rajkot police have seized a parcel containing 100 swords and arrested four people from whom the parcel was recovered last week.

Bihar: Man cuts his own neck while swinging sword in Muharram procession, dies

Sayum was a part of the Muharram procession from the Thawai Mohalla where he used to swing a sword.

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