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Indian Express had used Lt Gen Panag's tweets to defend its fake coup story, and now he is endorsing a coup if Modi returns to power
If the 'liberals' missed the underlying theme in the ABP interview, the one against Indian Express would’ve absolutely hit them in the face. 
On 7th March 2019, Indian Express published an article where they allowed Javed Miandad, Dawood Ibrahim's relative to pontificate to India about 'peace'.
Pakistan quoted several articles published in Indian to present its case during Kulbhushan Jadhav hearing at the International Court of Justice
Khalid Shah wrote an article asking tough questions of Shah Faesal and the article was rejected by Hindustan times and Indian Express
The East Coast Railways Spokesperson has said that no trees were felled to make a temporary helipad for Prime Minister Modi in Odisha, only some shrubs and saplings were removed
Indian Express starts 2019 with bigotry filled and lie-filled edit by Mrinal Pande who always toes the Congress line
The Print led by Shekhar Gupta has published an article based on a census report by Cambridge Assessment International Education with conclusions which appear completely made up
The apology appeared in small fonts which could be easily missed
We had even tweeted to The New York Times to clarify if the Indian Express has editorial freedom to decide the headline
The headlines of the reports regarding the posters failed to reflect ABVP's clarification on the matter.
Muslims, a small minority, but significant number are susceptible to join the ranks of the terror outfit
Purie and Goenka even ranked Modi high in trying to weed out corruption.
On 1st July, five members of the Dongrinanthpanthi Gosawi community were killed by a mob in Rainpada hamlet of Dhule
In last one week, Indian Express' edit pages have tried to sneer at the Prime Minister and swoon at Pt. Nehru
The troll had issued death threats and rape threats on Twitter earlier, for which he was even arrested by the police.
Is the job of a journalist to give clarity or muddy the water?
Misleading headline from Indian Express draws criticism on Twitter.
The news agency terminated the services of the photographer who sent them fake image of Ahmedabad airport.
NDTV, Indian Express, and The Wire carried the news without undertaking any fact check.
The tweet had mischievously tried to insinuate that Kejriwal was condemning the paramilitary forces
A lot has been written about how fringe is becoming mainstream, another view.
A look into the articles before BMC results were announced reveals a lot about 'objectivity' of Indian media.
Recent reports in media suggested that new notes were being printed. Find the truth.
The Indian Express had claimed that the blind team captain was unhappy over a tweet by Sehwag.
Congress and BJP indulged in the same act, but Indian Express found fault only with the BJP.
Journalist turned author Nirwa Mehta shares her experience with book publishing.
The newspaper had published a report about a closed-door BJP meeting that was attended by the Prime Minister.

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