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Editors Guild’s ‘casteist’ member Dilip Mandal lies that Chennai is the only city among metros to appoint a Dalit woman mayor: Here’s the truth

Netizens called out ThePrint columnist Dilip Mandal for spreading fake news that TN under MK Stalin is the first state to ever get a Dalit woman Mayor

How to be a good CM (according to ‘liberals’): Drink tea, do bhangra, stop and attend strangers’ weddings

Shekhar Gupta's ThePrint bends over backward to heap praises on Punjab CM Channi to show how he is a 'refreshing change'

Anti-drug laws to farm laws to UAPA: Are liberals undermining the Indian state by calling everything ‘draconian’?

If you reject everything from anti-drug laws to the voting system to the conviction of terrorists by the Supreme Court, what is left? Are you advocating for anarchy?

Radical Islam apologist profiled by Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint, who is a serial fake news peddler, now spreads Taliban propaganda: Details

Radical Islam apologist CJ Werleman spread Taliban propaganda after the group managed to capture Kabul.

How ThePrint tried to normalise relationship between 23 year old man and 13 year old girl in the Kashmir Sikh conversion controversy

ThePrint journalist spoke to Shahid Nazir Bhatt who made some rather intriguing comments on the Kashmir Sikh girl case.

Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint, Indian Express, others spread lies about Aisha Sultana’s ‘bio weapon’ comment. Details

How mainstream media is helping Aisha Sultana get away with accusing Indian government of using COVID as a bioweapon against the people of Lakshadweep.

How the Congress ecosystem absorbed sexual harassment accused to further anti-Modi agenda

Rahul Gandhi used a survey done by former Congress leader and published by ThePrint to claim that GOI is hiding actual Covid deaths

ThePrint attempts to shield Babus following backlash after officers were spotted abusing power, ends up arguing against Democracy

Shekhar Gupta's ThePrint, in an attempt to shield the IAS after a week of bureaucrats indulging in an abuse of power, has published an...

After fanning vaccine hesitancy, The Print blames Telegram, Instagram and Central Govt for growth of anti-vaxxer groups

ThePrint is now blaming groups on Telegram and Instagram for spreading anti-vaxxer rumours among people.

#CongressToolKitExposed: How Congress’s Srinivas BV’s actions during Covid crisis fits the toolkit perfectly

One of the first recommendations of this particular section of the 4-page toolkit suggests promoting SOS redressals and offering “priority help” to journalists, media professionals and other influencers.

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