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De-Dollarization: Indian refineries use Chinese Yuan for some oil imports from Russia, say reports

Some oil imports from Russia to India are being paid in Chinese Yuan, reports

Kotak Mahindra Bank MD and CEO Uday Kotak says he inadvertently called USD ‘biggest financial terrorist’, here is what he meant

"I think we are at a crucial time in the world history where the world is desperately looking for an alternative reserve currency," Uday Kotak said.

Indian media spreads fake news that Indian Rupee was the worst-performing Asian currency in 2022, here is the truth

Indian media houses spread fake news claiming that Indian Rupee has ended the year as the worst-performing Asian currency

Bangladesh cancels Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi’s performance in Dhaka: Read why

Bangladesh has cancelled Nora Fatehi performance in Dhaka as a part of broader austerity drive to ‘save dollars’.

Nirmala Sitharaman said it’s not rupee sliding but dollar strengthening: Here’s what she meant and how she is right

Indian Finance Min Nirmala Sitharaman said that rupee is not sliding but the US dollar is strengthening. And she is right.

Fact check: Fake tweet attributed to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Rupee vs Dollar debate goes viral

The satirical tweet took potshots at Nirmala Sitharaman based on another misleading claim attributed to her about rising onion prices.

China reverts to its own currency in pursuing trade with Russia, opposes sanctions posed by the US, EU against Russia

China has demanded that US should not harm the legitimate rights and interests of China and other parties when handling the Ukraine issue and its relations with Russia.

Kerala gold and dollar smuggling case: Kingpin Swapna Suresh names CM Pinarayi Vijayan and three other ministers

Swapna Suresh was arrested by custom officials last year for forging documents to avail diplomatic immunity and illegally bringing gold into India.

What they never told you when they said India was the worst performing emerging economy

India’s economy contracted by 23.9%. For comparison, Brazil’s GDP contracted by 11.9% and Russia’s GDP by 8%. So, did they really do better than India?

Opportunities for the Indian economy after the Coronavirus pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic, China has lost the faith of the world. Many nations are now keen to shift their manufacturing dependency away from China.

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