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US President Joe Biden invited as chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations: US envoy to India

The US envoy to India said PM Modi invited US President Joe Biden to be chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations.

‘It was not his first time’: In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Larry Sinclair says he had gay sex and snorted cocaine with Barack...

In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, an American commentator, author Larry Sinclair revealed that he had gay sex with former US President Barack Obama

USA: Donald Trump praises Vivek Ramaswamy, says he would be a very good Vice Presidential candidate

During a recent television interview, Trump was asked if has thought of having Vivek Ramaswamy as vice president, to this, Trump lauded Ramaswamy as a talented person who has distinguished himself.

‘I make love to men daily but in imagination’, Barack Obama wrote in the love letters to his ex

The Former President’s biographer defended Barack Obama calling it Obama’s youthful musings and claimed that a (vast) majority of human beings have sexual fantasies!”

White House turns down question about Hunter Biden’s ‘Unacknowledged’ love child with ex-stripper Luden Alexis Roberts

White House has declined to answer yet again a question about Navy Joan Roberts, the estranged granddaughter of US President Joe Biden

USA: Cocaine found inside White House’s West Wing when President Biden was away at Camp David

"We have a yellow bar saying cocaine hydrochloride," said the radio dispatch. The area where the cocaine was recovered is regularly accessed by tour groups.

US President Biden implies that the Taliban is helping to eliminate Al Qaeda, Taliban uses it to claim that it has no ties with...

US President Joe Biden, in an ‘off-the-cuff’ remark admitted that Washington is getting help from Afghanistan's Taliban to 'end' the threat of Al-Qaeda. 

Pentagon says it overestimated war aid sent to Ukraine by $6.2 Billion due to “accounting error”

US says that it overestimated finanical aid to Ukraine by $6.2 billion due to an accounting error

Donald Trump lauds Indian-American Vivek Ramaswamy, his rival in the Republican Primaries, ahead of the 2024 Presidential elections

Trump added in a statement that he likes Ramaswamy and has only positive things to say about him.

Five cars rented by US President’s secret service burst into flames after his Nantucket vacation: Watch

The US President's secret service had hired 5 rental cars to drive his family in Nantucket, an island off Massachusetts.

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