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‘Is Pfizer working to make Covid more dangerous so it can sell more vaccines?’ US Senator sends letter to Pfizer CEO Bourla after Project...

In a letter dated Thursday (January 26), Rubio said, "An investigative report suggests that Pfizer may be conducting gain-of-function research, which it dubs “directed evolution” research to mutate the SARS-CoV-2 virus to create additional, more potent variants and vaccines to combat future variants."

US senator writes to Elon Musk, demands third party audit into past censorship attempts by Twitter. Here is what he said

"The American people deserve to know the truth about what went on at Twitter for years behind closed doors," Josh Hawley remarked.

Ukraine and US say Russia can invade Ukraine anytime as Russian forces have completed build-up on the border

Russia has deployed more than 1,27,000 army, air force and navy personnel in its offensive against Ukraine in anticipated invasion

After Elon Musk decides to sell 10% Tesla shares based on Twitter poll, this is his reply to US senator who objected to it

Musk's hilarious comment to US senator Ron Wyden has received over 12 thousand RTs and over 67 thousand likes.

USA: Senate Majority Leader spotted dancing around with comedian in public as trapped Americans in Afghanistan get beaten by Taliban

Netizens slammed Chuck Schumer for his insensitivity and inability to comprehend the severity of the Taliban crisis in Afghanistan.

China Daily reporter and ‘puppet of Xi Jinping’ loses his mind, calls US senator ‘b*tch’… twice: Here is what happened

US Senator Marsha Blackburn decided to take Chen Weihua, head-on, instead of backing down. She replied back by calling him a 'thug' and a 'puppet' of Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

China using coronavirus pandemic as a ‘smokescreen’: US Senator Mitch McConnell slams China for expansionist policies, violent clashes with India

Highlighting the expansionist intentions of the CCP, the Senator noted that China has been advancing their influence in the region by using the Coronavirus pandemic as a 'smokescreen.

The WHO failed the world during the coronavirus crisis, it has become the political puppet of China: US politician

Donald Trump alleged that WHO is largely funded by US but yet very China Centric.

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