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How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 3: From exceeding target and destroying 1,60,000 kgs of drugs in 60 days to AYUSH, COVID vaccines and more

In the run-up to the celebrations of the 75th year of Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a unique target for the Home Ministry – destroy 75,000 kgs of drugs in 60 days! As with many aspects of this government, the ministry exceeded this target and burnt 1,60,000 kgs of drugs in that 60-day window! 

Made In India Malaria vaccines: WHO recommends second vaccine R21/Matrix-M for use in African countries, SII to produce

The vaccine was developed by the Jenner Institute at Oxford University and Serum Institute of India with support from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (‘EDCTP’), the Wellcome Trust, and the European Investment Bank (‘EIB’).

Multivalent meningococcal meningitis vaccine from Serum Institute of India gets WHO prequalification, to be used in Africa

"As the first conjugate vaccine to safeguard against the five predominant causes of this deadly disease, MenFive offers hope for a future free from annual outbreaks and epidemics in the African meningitis belt. It is a big moment as we, together, pave the way towards a healthier Africa, saving countless lives," Poonawala said.

‘Pfizer vaccine may have impacted menstrual cycle of women’: Fresh video by Project Veritas has a senior employee telling on camera

‘Project Veritas’ had set up an undercover 'date' with Jordon Walker and quizzed him about the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer.

Davos: CEO of Pfizer grilled over misleading vaccine efficacy claims, mandates and more, questions that no Western govts have asked the pharma giant

Rebel News asked around 29 questions to Pfizer CEO, all of which were ignored and remained unanswered. The journalists asked all the questions, right from how much he has personally gained from the epidemic to how much he has paid others to sell his vaccinations, to crucial issues like when he realised his vaccines weren't truly stopping transmission and why he kept it a secret.

China’s resurgent coronavirus crisis is a scathing indictment of its inefficacious homemade vaccines

China's resurgent coronavirus outbreak is a message to the CCP to end its boondoggle of homemade vaccines.

Did the Pfizer vaccine cause miscarriage in 44% of pregnant women during trial? How a viral blog post made flawed calculations

While the vaccine may have some adverse effects, as all Covid vaccines were granted emergency usage permits, and we are still waiting for detailed reports on long-term clinical trials, the claim made by Naomi Wolf's blog post, that 44% of pregnant women lost their babies after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, is wrong.

India set to breach 200 crore mark for COVID vaccines doses, surpasses the figure of 199 crores

Reports mention that it took India 17 months to inoculate its 1.4 billion population with the vaccine and attain over 199 crore vaccinations.

As Pfizer releases more than 80000 pages on its Covid-19 vaccine, claims about it flood social media: Here are the facts

Claims and facts about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after the company released over 80000 pages on the vaccine

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