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Congress government knew about Prajwal Revanna, waited till Vokkaligas voted & allowed him to escape: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said Congress government in Karnataka knew about the obscene video allegations against Prajwal Revanna for months but allowed him to flee as it wanted the voting in Vokkaliga-dominated areas to conclude.

Captured Hamas terrorists confirm that the group’s operational base is under Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, used to store weapons, explosives and other supplies

Hamas terrorists admit to use Gaza Hospitals and tunnels under them to shield themselves from Israeli military's strikes.

Khalistani separatist fugitive Amritpal Singh blackmailed women with obscene videos, chatted with married women: Reports

Amritpal Singh lamented how women supposedly become too attached to him and justified the idea of extra-marital relationships as long as the marriage in question is unharmed.

Usual suspects share old videos to attack Holi and malign Hinduism: Details

Old videos are shared by the likes of Jas Oberoi, Vinod Kapri, to attack Holi and induce guilt among Hindus over stray incidents.

Old video of Rajdeep Sardesai chased away during an interview in MP’s Mandsaur goes viral: Here are 7 instances when he faced embarrassment

Rajdeep Sardesai was chased away by locals over an interview with the victim of Mandsaur violence.

Islamist apologists don’t want you to know a ‘Samuday Vishesh’ neighbour next door might behead you, hence appeals against the circulation of video

A section of SM users have appealed against the circulation of videos of brutality meted out on Kanhaiya Lal by Islamists.

New visuals of Shivling inside Gyanvapi compound surface; Swastika, Trishul and Lotus motifs found engraved on walls

New visuals from Gyanvapi compound show Swastika, Trishul and Hindu motifs engraved on the walls of the basement.

Fact Check: Two old videos of helicopter crashes shared on social media claiming to be from General Bipin Rawat’s chopper crash

Video of Russian chopper shot down in Syria and IAF chopper crash-landing in Arunachal Pradesh shared claimed to be Gen Bipin Rawat's chopper crash

Kerala CPI(M) member arrested for circulating nude video of party member sexually assaulted by party leader, party suspends victim for filing complaint

Kerala CPI(M) suspended the woman member from the party who filed sexual assault complaint against the Party leader

Tej Pratap Yadav is at it again, claims he was a pilot before joining politics because he had dropped out of a flying school

Tej Pratap Yadav claimed that he was a pilot before joining politics because he had joined a flying school but dropped out of it without completing

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