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Why is Shastra Puja performed on Vijayadashmi, and the significance it holds for PM Modi

Shastra Puja involves worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati to seek their blessings for strength and power.

AIIMS issues advisory after the offensive Ram Leela play receives multiple complaints

Multiple people had filed complaint to AIIMS after clips of an offensive skit on Ram Leela performed by students went viral on social media.

Complaint filed against AIIMS Delhi students who had performed a derogatory Ramleela skit

A complaint has been filed by the Kalinga Rights Forum against the derogatory Ram Leela skit performed by AIIMS students

Dharma, Hindu Temples, Ayurveda, population control, and social unity: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s speech on Vijayadashami

Mohan Bhagwat reiterated that the Hindu society must become united, strong, vigilant and active in a way that they neither threaten anyone's existence nor fear others.

Munger Shooting: Complaint filed against SP Lipi Singh and several other police officials, alleges police brutality when devotees were about to perform Aarti

A complaint has been filed against former Munger SP Lipi Singh and several other police officials in a local court over Vijaya Dashami shooting.

Malpura, Rajasthan: Arson during curfew imposed after stone-pelting during Durga Puja procession, police launches probe

The curfew had been in place since stone pelting on Durga Puja procession.

RSS foundation day: Here are the major takeaways from Mohan Bhagwat’s address on Vijayadashami

"The forces creating hurdles are yet to be defeated, there are some problems that need to be overcome and some questions that need answers," said Mohan Bhagwat.

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