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RSS foundation day: Here are the major takeaways from Mohan Bhagwat’s address on Vijayadashami

Bhagwat stated that even decades after attaining Independence, our education system, which was contrived during the period of slavery to keep us as slaves, is still being continued.

On the occasion of Vijayadashami, the Rashtriya Swayamsevan Sangh celebrates its foundation day. Today, celebrating its 94th foundation day at the Sangh headquarters at Nagpur, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat addressed the RSS cadres after performing the traditional Shastra Puja and the drill and band performances at the Reshimbagh ground.

HCL founder Shiv Nadar was the chief guest for today’s events. Addressing the Sangh members, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today spoke on many issues. Here are the major points discussed by the RSS chief:

In India, democracy is not a ‘foreign concept’

Mohan Bhagwat stated that in the case of India, the idea of democracy is not a foreign concept imported from abroad, but the culmination of hundreds of years of traditions and experiences. He added that democracy is not a new unfamiliar thing that has been imported from outside but it has been ingrained in India’s national psyche as a result of centuries of tradition and collective experiences and enlightenment gained during the post-independence period, and as a result, the society has resolved to remain in and take forward democracy successfully.

Modi 2.0 means appreciation and new responsibilities for the government

Bhagwat stated that the world has taken note of the 2019 general elections. While the results of the 2014 elections were more or less the result of a negative political wave born out of the disenchantment against the previous government, the 2019 results were the public’s appreciation of the government’s works in the last five years and combined with the new expectations and responsibilities for the future.

Modi government has the courage to fulfil those expectations

Bhagwat stated that the government’s decisive action on abrogation of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the state shows that it has the courage to fulfil the people’s expectations and respect for the sentiments of the public that voted them to power. He added that the government’s skilful display of garnering support, doing the groundwork and successful execution deserves praise. He also added that the efforts will see fruition only when the Kashmiri Pandits, who had been driven away from their homes, are rehabilitated and are assured of a safe life back in the valley.

Our scientists have brought glory for the nation

Bhagwat praised the scientists of ISRO for their brilliant moon mission. He added that though the Vikram lander did not work the way it was supposed to, managing to take the lander to a hitherto unexplored region was a rare success that our scientists have achieved in the first attempt. He added that the world’s respect for our intellect and achievements ahs grown after the Chandrayan-2 mission.

It is not just the government’s duty to work for the nation

Bhagwat asserted that it is as much the public’s responsibility to work hard towards national goals as it is the government’s. He added that our ultimate goal, making Bharat glorious and prosperous, towards which we have started our journey is still far off. The forces creating hurdles are yet to be defeated, there are some problems that need to be overcome and some questions that need answers.

Bharat’s thought process, the collective psyche of the nation, is evolving

Bhagwat explained further that in the last few decades, there has been a transformation in the direction of the thought process of Bharat. He added that Bharat is slowly moving towards a state of strength, unity and the position of a global force. He further added that there are some forces who do not want this and are actively engaged in exploiting the fault lines within our societies to divide us into weaker fragments of caste, creed, language and region.

He asserted that Bharat, as a nation will need to overcome these barriers and put on more efforts to counter the divisive narratives. He added that even well-meaning policies, decision or statements coming from the government are being used by misinterpretation or distortion, to benefit their nefarious designs by these forces. Alertness is a constant necessity.

Communal violence is never one-sided, there are always two sides

Bhagwat stated that he condemns communal violence and there are always two sides to the incident. He added that there are reports of incidents happening from both sides and allegations and counter-allegations. It has also come to light that some incidents have been deliberately fabricated while some others have been published in a distorted manner. However, he added, crossing the limits of law and order and causing harm to mutual relations in the society should be condemned. Whatever may be the differences, all of us should confine our actions to the limits of the constitution.

‘Lynching’ is not a Hindu concept, it has roots in other religions

Bhagwat stated that often there is a coordinated attempt to paint the incidents of violence as one-sided and brand them as ‘lynching’. He added that by denoting the traditions which were alien to Bharat and belong elsewhere, efforts are underway to defame our country and the entire Hindu society and create fear among the so-called minority communities. He explained that the practices of pelting stones and attacking individuals for being ‘sinners’ have their roots in other religions. He added that the political leaders, who in the name of advocating the interests of a specific community create a clash in between the two communities of our society and have made an industry out of their pursuits for self-aggrandisement, should not be patronised. Bhagwat asserted that there are laws in India to punish such acts and they should be properly and strictly implemented.

Slowing down of the global economy has impacts everywhere

Bhagwat asserted that the world economic slowdown has left its impacts everywhere. Many nations, including Bharat, are suffering from the impact of global trade wars. He, however, added that the government’s steps in the last few months have indicated that it is sensitive towards the people’s interests. However, Mohan Bhagwat added, while implementing many government schemes and welfare policies at the lower level, more alacrity and efficiency and avoiding unnecessary stringency can set many matters right.

Our education system teaches slavery, is missing the ‘Swa’

Bhagwat stated that even decades after attaining Independence, our education system, which was contrived during the period of slavery to keep us as slaves, is being continued. Our educational framework needs to be shaped in tune with Bharatiya vision. We need a relevant, logical, and truthful education system which is based on an approach of love towards the whole universe and compassion towards all living beings, which gives comprehensive knowledge and pride about our language (Swa Bhasha), our attire (Swa Bhoosha), and our culture (Swa Sanskriti).

Familial values can save us from cultural degradation

Bhagwat asserted the importance of the family in the shaping of character and social framework. A strong and alert family can save the youth from the menaces of drug addiction, violence and lawlessness.

Media’s role in awakening the society

Bhagwat stated that the media has a major role to play in awakening the society and creating a conducive social atmosphere. He asserted that the media must come out of the attitude of churning out ‘spicey and sensational’ content and take the responsibility of creating a constructive and efficient society.

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