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VVIP Culture

Bihar: BJP hits out at VVIP arrogance caught on camera as ambulance blocked for Nitish Kumar’s convoy, another video shows cop holding umbrella for...

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has come under fire for a blatant display of VVIP culture after an ambulance was blocked for his convoy

Luxury in Tihar: Unidentified men seen cleaning the prison cell of Satyendar Jain, preparing his bed, watch video

Earlier video had emerged where Jain was taking a massage from a man who is in jail on allegations of child rape.

Justice Krishna Bhat drops truth bombs in farewell speech: Entitlement of some Judges and how independence of Judiciary is not really under threat

Justice Krishna Bhat emphasised that such vanities by individual Judges make them unfit to hold any public position.

Sharad Pawar, other MVA leaders park cars on race track for athletes, ruining sports infrastructure worth crores

Since ministers did not want to take elevators to reach the second floor where meeting was being held, they decided to use the race track as parking spot

Bihar: Agriculture officer sent show cause notice after for punishing an on-duty constable in Araria

Araria constable Gonu Tatma was following lockdown orders amidst coronavirus outbreak.

Days after forming govt in Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader and his supporters assault toll booth workers

Video of Congress leader Ramesh Kashyap and his supporters indulging in violence with toll booth workers has surfaced.

Court warns Modi’s NHAI: Create exclusive lanes for Judges and VIPs or face contempt charges

As a common citizen of India, no words of mine are enough to convey the sense of gratitude

RTI reveals Siddaramaiah government spent Rs 36 crore on phone bills: India Today

It has been a general trend of Indian politics that taxpayers have to bear the brunt of politicians wasting money on luxuries.

Kumaraswamy wastes taxpayers’ money by distributing expensive gifts to MPs, BJP MP returns gifts

Why should the taxpayers money be wasted in such extravagance

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