Friday, August 19, 2022


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Washington: 15-year-old dead, 3 injured including a police officer in yet another mass shooting, here is what we know so far

The shooting occurred during the Moechella event, a music festival conducted to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans (Juneteenth).

United States: Partially nude transsexual twerks in front of underage children during Pride March

Considered to be one of the largest parades in USA, the event witnessed the presence of both adolescent and pre-pubescent children.

US: DC Police recover five dead fetuses from the house of anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy

Lauren Handy works for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising which claims to mobilise grassroots anti-abortion activists.

‘Ever Forward’ vessel now stuck near Washington DC, earlier ‘Ever Given’ of the same company was stuck in Suez canal for a week: Details

Meanwhile, the Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp had hired divers to inspect the vessel for possible damages and help in refloating the 'Ever Forward'.

US truckers launch ‘People’s Convoy’ journey to Washington DC in protest of Covid-19 mandates

US Truckers follow Canada model, launch 'People's convoy' to Washington DC to protest against Covid restrictions.

ISI agent Ghulam Nabi Fai leads anti-India protest at Indian Embassy in Washington DC, embassy officials refuse to accept memorandum

World Kashmir Awareness Forum of Ghulam Nabi Fai led a protest on 5 August in Washington DC on 2nd anniversary of article 370 abrogation

Trans couple Ahanu and Petrona: Read about how the mother is now the father and the father is now mother and breastfeeding the child

The Washington DC couple involves Ahanu, who claims to be the father and Petrona, who claims to be the mother of the child.

Trolley Times, Greta toolkit’s ‘reliable news source’, peddles Washington DC woman’s false claims of ‘bombs dropped at protest site’: Details

Trolley Times has claimed on Twitter that the bombs are being dropped at the protest sites through helicopters.

Khalistani supporters protests outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC, raise secessionist flags

Khalistani supporters protested outside Indian Embassy to show support for the violent protestors running riots in Delhi.

Woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during Capitol Hill Riots arrested, suspected of trying to sell it to Russians: Details

The woman, identified as one Riley June Williams, was arrested on Monday from the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

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