Tuesday, July 27, 2021


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Trans couple Ahanu and Petrona: Read about how the mother is now the father and the father is now mother and breastfeeding the child

The Washington DC couple involves Ahanu, who claims to be the father and Petrona, who claims to be the mother of the child.

Trolley Times, Greta toolkit’s ‘reliable news source’, peddles Washington DC woman’s false claims of ‘bombs dropped at protest site’: Details

Trolley Times has claimed on Twitter that the bombs are being dropped at the protest sites through helicopters.

Khalistani supporters protests outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC, raise secessionist flags

Khalistani supporters protested outside Indian Embassy to show support for the violent protestors running riots in Delhi.

Woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during Capitol Hill Riots arrested, suspected of trying to sell it to Russians: Details

The woman, identified as one Riley June Williams, was arrested on Monday from the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

BLM activist, Antifa, anarchist or FBI asset? What we know so far about John Sullivan, who was spotted instigating mobs at Capitol Hill

John Sullivan shot to the limelight after he appeared with jade Sacker on CNN for a chat with anchor Anderson Cooper.

Who would have thunk: Capitol Hill riot shows how Alex Jones is far more reasonable than Sam Harris

Alex Jones tells the crowd at the Capitol Hill, "We're not Antifa, We're not BLM. Let's march around to the other side."

Donald Trump approves Emergency declaration in DC ahead of Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA will co-ordinate with the District of Columbia to mitigate hardships caused to the people.

USA: Laptops and documents stolen during Capitol Hill Violence, including from House Speaker Pelosi’s office, raises national security concerns

Capitol Hill Protesters stole a laptop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office during the violence that erupted in Washington DC.

Donald Trump is exploring the possibility of issuing himself a pardon before leaving the White House: Reports

US President Donald Trump is exploring the possibility of issuing himself a self-pardon, if reports are to be believed.

‘Colonel Perez’ threatens ‘patriots’ will return to Washington DC carrying weapons, claims Trump told them to ‘fight like hell’

Colonel Perez, with the username @Colonel007 on Parler, has claimed that 'patriots' will return to Washington DC on Jan 19th.

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