Monday, March 1, 2021


Washington Post

‘Give my regards to your puppet master’, Elon Musk tells Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post when they asked him about his busy schedule

Washington Post had published a report claiming the busy schedule of Elon Musk is affecting his electric car company Tesla

Race-baiting: Washington Post blames ‘systemic racism’ after a black woman knowingly uses superglue on her hair as hair-spray alternative

Washington Post argued that the black woman applied superglue on her hair due to anti-Black notions of beauty and professionalism

The Washington Post report claiming case against Urban Naxals is based on planted evidence does not add up, here is how

Washington Post report quoted an alleged forensic study of ‘electronic copy’ of a laptop belonging to one accused Rona Wilson

Major media outlets including CNN, NYT and WSJ attended private dinners by Chinese govt, accepted sponsored trips: Report

All major outlets in western mainstream media attended private dinners and accepted sponsored trips from CUSEF.

Anti-India bias in reporting on Indian economy is destroying the credibility of the New York Times (and others)

Despite global media houses claiming doom in economy of India, investors continue to show confidence on the country

Washington Post editor, who ranted against white women, lies about France targeting Muslim children: Here are the details

Global Opinions Editor at the Washington Post, Karen Attiah, is at the receiving end of great criticism after she spread fake news.

Deep State? Washington Post Beirut Bureau Chief celebrates US officials lying to US Pres Donald Trump to ensure troops remain in Syria

Liz Sly celebrated the fact that US officials lied to Donald Trump and the American people about troop levels in Syria.

Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, major US papers received millions to run Chinese propaganda: Reports

As a part of its campaign to alter the global perception, China Daily has been covertly promoting its stories in foreign newspapers.

Washington Post journalist says the term ‘Chinese Virus’ is racist, a term used by the publication multiple times

Washington Post journalist Niha Masih objected to the term ‘Chinese Virus’, forgets that WaPo itself had used the term multiple times

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