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white supremacy

United States: White supremacist goes on a shooting spree in Florida, kills 3 African Americans, was earlier evaluated for mental health crisis

According to the investigators, Ryan Palmeter was a lone-wolf attacker, who was in possession of a tactical vest, mask, handgun and an AR-15-style rifle.

‘You’re genociding our race, you’re an invader’: Viral video shows a white man harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland

A new video of a white man racially harassing and attacking an Indian man in Poland is going viral on the internet.

Big Tech database to target ‘extremist content’ from ‘white supremacists’ and ‘far right militias’: Report

GIFCT will expand its database to target 'extremist content' shared by 'white supremacists' and 'far-right militias', Reuters has reported.

Tucker Carlson slams ADL for being concerned about Israel’s demography but demonizing him for concerns about USA’s

Tucker Carlson highlighted how ADL had objected to the influx of Palestinian refugees in Jewish-dominated Israel in 2010.

‘Liberals’ in the United States blame ‘white’ man for Boulder shooting even as attacker turns out to be a Muslim immigrant

As it was found out that the killer was not a 'white' man, a severe backlash against liberals erupted on social media highlighting how liberals resorted to blaming the white community by holding them responsible for crimes that they did not commit.

Paris: Two Muslim women stabbed under Eiffel Tower by white women shouting “dirty Arabs”

Two Muslim women were stabbed repeatedly under the Eiffel Tower on Sunday night by two white women who called them "dirty Arabs".

India’s protest culture: Rooted in Dharma

India’s fight against colonial imperialism can be traced to cultural re-awakening, increased awareness of one’s heritage, and a greater assertion of one’s identity.

‘A political football’: When Malcolm X, American Muslim minister and human rights activist, warned African Americans about ‘liberals’

Malcolm X accused the liberals of using the black Americans as 'political pawns' in their political struggle against the conservatives.

Scott Greer rants against India: Know who this white supremacist discarded by American conservatives is

Scott Greer wrote for the White Supremacist website Radix Journal founded by Richard Spencer.

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