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Delhi court issues notice to Wikimedia Foundation over deletion of author and BJP spokesperson Tuhin A Sinha’s Wikipedia page

Delhi Court issued summons to Wikipedia over plea of author Tuhin A Sinha against deletion of his page from the platform

After Russia described Wikipedia as “weapon of informational war”, activist group is accused of doxing pro-Ukraine editors and harassing them

Russia has accused Wikipedia of running anti-Russia over the Ukraine war, and have taken steps to reign in the leftist website

IT Ministry summons Wikipedia executives, seeks explanation over vandalism of Arshdeep Singh’s page to add ‘Khalistani’ association

IT Ministry summoned Wikipedia executives in India and sought explanation on how Arshdeep Singh's Wikipedia page was vandalised

‘Inaccurate, conspiracy theories’ – Wikipedia continues to attack the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri called out Wikipedia for continuous attack on The Kashmir Files

How the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, used Wikipedia to start an affair

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, used certain tactic, to gain the trust of a lady journalist Rachel Mardsen and start an affair with her.

Elon Musk calls out Wikipedia’s bias and its editors’ complicated relationship with facts: What he said

Billionaire Elon Musk called out Wikipedia's bias and its editors' complicated relationship with facts while talking about Tesla

Wikipedia editors delete profiles of those who praised ‘The Kashmir Files’, had earlier vandalised movie page: Here is what we know so far

Wikipedia is allegedly deleting profiles of people who have heaped praises on 'The Kashmir Files'

Wikipedia page of ‘The Kashmir Files’ vandalised, editor admits to bias: All you need to know

TrangaBellam, a Wikipedia editor, who was accused of vandalizing author Vikram Sampath's Wikipedia page, is now accused of vandalizing The Kashmir Files's page on Wikipedia

Audrey Truschke makes her battle against Vikram Sampath personal? Sampath’s Wikipedia page vandalised by Truschke supporters: Details

Pro-Audrey Truschke Wikipedia editor found to be adding unverified allegations against Vikram Sampath on his Wikipedia page

Wikipedia continues to rewrite history, this time prepares to delete page on mass killings under communist regimes: Here are the reasons they gave

Leftist editors in Wikipedia claim that even though mass murders took place under communist regimes, they do not deserve a Wikipedia page

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