Thursday, September 23, 2021



‘Nobody should trust Wikipedia’, warns its co-founder Larry Sanger, says the site is taken over by leftists who reject content that doesn’t fit their...

Larry Sanger said that there are teams of Democratic party leaning editors on Wikipedia who remove content that they don’t like.

Former Wikimedia Foundation staff with autism calls out ‘bullies who run it’, accusations of ‘toxic work culture’ surface

Wikimedia former staffer James Hare claimed he was bullied at workplace and found support from others after he revealed the same.

Information about a fictitious train on ‘reliable’ Wikipedia, picked up by websites and academic journals: Here is how it originated

A 2016 edit about fictional Mashriq-Maghreb Express was removed from the East Pakistan Railway's Wikipedia page in 2020 only

Wikipedia dismisses Love Jihad as a conspiracy theory by Hindus, but claims reverse Love Jihad against Muslims is real

Wikipedia labels Love Jihad as a fabricated notion even as thousands of non-Muslim girls continue to be afflicted by the menace

Sushant Singh Rajput fans vs Wikipedia: Here is what they want and how founder Jimmy Wales flat out refuses

Netizens have launched a campaign to remove the 'suicide' claim from Wikipedia article on Sushant Singh Rajput as his death is under CBI probe

‘He was suffering from Modism’, ‘gaumutra drinking sanghi’: Minutes after Rohit Sardana’s death, Islamists vandalise his Wikipedia page

While dozens of edits were made to the Wikipedia page of Rohit Sardana abusing him, some vandalisms were made praising him also

Usual suspect Wikipedia joins anti-India propaganda, PM Modi’s page targeted to show Indian democracy in decline under his watch

As PM spoke in Rajya Sabha, a problematic edit to the Wikipedia page of Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the fore

Big tech Unites: If censorship wasn’t enough, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wonders why Twitter and Facebook didn’t censor Trump sooner

Jimmy Wales said that Donald Trump was clearly spreading disinformation on Twitter and Facebook & they failed to contain that

‘Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, calling Ahmadiyya leader a Muslim’: Why Pakistan is threatening Google and Wikipedia

Pakistan decried internet giants Google and Wikipedia for disseminating sacrilegious content through its platforms

Govt of India orders Wikipedia to remove an image showing wrong map of Jammu and Kashmir

This matter was flagged by a Twitter user asking government to take action against Wikipedia for displaying a wrong map of India

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