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Congress spokesperson Shama Mohammad stated that the reason of Congress' bad performance in North Indian states is that the people in North Indian states are 'pliable' and they are not educated like the people in the south.
From Rahul Gandhi fought a great battle to exit polls are rigged, the 'liberals' have their conspiracy theory mode on
Yogendra Yadav said Congress is single biggest obstacle for creating an alternative
Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate issued non-bailable warrants as Kejriwal, Sisodia and Yadav were not present during the hearings of the case
The article published by Yogendra Yadav in The Print can be viewed as an indirect recognition of Prime Minister Modi coming back to power so we must welcome it.
Earlier, too, Shanti Bhushan had accused Kejriwal of abandoning all principles the party was formed on.
Yogendra Yadav calls BJP an anti-farmers party and declared to support parties which claimed to be the champions of farmers' cause.
Within six years of its formation as a political outfit from a bunch of activists, the party appears to have failed to evolve as a responsible political party.
Cloaking data to subtly further a motivated agenda is not only unethical but also extremely dangerous
And this man has the gall to call RSS an anti-national. What do you think we should call you Mr Yadav?
When will we see this apology letter?
Statistics is a science and science can't go as horribly wrong as CSDS would have us believe
The car was stolen yesterday from near the Delhi secretariat
Twitterati slam attempts to drag Hinduism after triple talaq verdict
There are many reasons to believe that the latest sting operation against Kejriwal was planned by Kejriwal himself.
Rajdeep's innocuous tweet, leads to larger questions about whom should we trust.
A heartbroken supporter of AAP opens up
Arvind Kejriwal's Political career can be summed by all the novels Chetan Bhagat has written

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