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Business Standard journalist Mihir Sharma caught lying again on Twitter

Mihir Sharma, a journalist working with Business Standard was caught lying and spreading propaganda on Twitter again.

Sharma, who is so regular with his propaganda and lies that it has become tiresome for OpIndia.com to keep track, was found twisting an innocuous piece of information into an example of some “food fascism” by the government.

The journalist, whose major work in the past few years has been arguing how Manmohan Singh government was not so bad and ineffective as it is made out to be, sent out a tweet earlier today claiming samosas (a vegetarian snack) were to be “banned” in government canteens.

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Funnily, the link that he tweeted did not talk about any “ban” at all. The link, a report from the newspaper for which he works, said – “It (a government notification) has asked canteens to add 13 types of snacks and beverages to their repertoire.”

When people pointed out that Mihir was lying through his teeth, instead of correcting himself the journalist went on to claim that samosas were ordered to be “replaced” (even though the link he gave talked about addition, not replacement):

Later, Twitter users, who often indulge in better fact checking techniques and analytical reasoning than journalists like Mihir Sharma, found out the original government notification, which in the imagination of Mihir talked about “banning” or “replacing” samosas:

The notification, the link for which can be found in above tweet and a screenshot of which is given below, does NOT talk about either banning or replacing samosas. In fact, samosas are very much part of it, and only new items have been added:

Government notification
A simple word that a so-called senior journalist failed to read.

Mihir Sharma had neither apologized nor clarified for his blatant lying and propaganda till reports last came in. And going by his history, he is not expected to.//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

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