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mihir sharma

Rafale cacophony: NDTV gives a masterclass in how pliant media is expected to behave

NDTV draws parallel between imaginary Rafale scam and real scams during Congress rule

The great left-liberal Twitter meltdown

Guess this is what 'solidarity' is all about.

Will China regret its treatment of Muslims? Not very likely

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that China might come to regret their treatment of Muslims in the future.

Journalists and Congress politicians prematurely comment on Pakistan’s ‘escape’ from FATF sanctions

Hate for the Prime Minister shouldn't mean falling for Pakistan's propaganda warfare

Truth about why the Wayback Machine or Internet Archive was blocked in India

Many media reports blamed government and claimed censorship without caring to report the facts.

Left-Cong establishment aligned journalists attack Arnab, defame even private citizens

Journalists are not only attacking Arnab, they are now even dragging private citizens into their ugly battle.

This guy found too many ‘Hindu signs’ in Republic Day parade, gets panned

While people saw cultural diversity in various state floats, one journalist saw too much of Hinduism.

Lutyens media fails to hide its hate as Arnab’s venture makes Twitter debut

Many who are part of the establishment media welcomed Arnab’s venture on Twitter with hate.

This journalist wanted cashless society, now curses Modi for proposing the same

Journalist Mihir Sharma has been accused of completely changing his tune since demonetisation.

Liberal outcry over JNU – a genuine topic for research in hypocrisy

The so-called liberals of India are a fit case for research in double standards and hypocrisies.

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