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‘We have no suspicion, NGOs, lawyers, politicians please stop harassing us’ – Judge Loya’s family

In response to the constant media focus on the so-called mysterious death of judge BH Loya, his son Anuj Loya called for a press conference today. The 21 year old law student, who was visibly shaken and disturbed by the controversy, pleaded with the media to covey his message to the people who were harassing his family.

Anuj was joined by Ameer Naik, the lawyer representing the Loyas, who reiterated Anuj’s plea and helped the visibly frazzled youngster to articulate his views. They stated Anuj’s 85 year old grandfather in Latur, was being harassed by some people who are creating panic in the family by repeatedly questioning the octogenarian on the death of his only son.

They also revealed how Anuj’s mother i.e. judge Loya’s wife was ill, and needed medical treatment every single day and was still being chased by NGOs, lawyers and politicians. They also revealed that Anuj himself was just a 21 year old law student and many people were harassing him over this story and disturbing his academic life.

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They said that as of now, there was no suspicion in the mind of any family member. He stated that earlier, since the sole bread-winner in the family, judge Loya, had died, some people had created some doubts in the mind of family members, which had been cleared now. They stopped short of naming these “people”.

Anuj too stated that it was possible that due to emotional trauma, his family may have held initial suspicions, which were recorded on camera by some media houses, but as of now they had no reason to doubt the circumstances of his father’s death.

They stated that 3 senior most judges were with judge Loya when he suffered pain in the chest, and when he was shifted to the hospital. They clarified that doctors made every effort to save him and the family members understood this. But some “other people” created some doubts and harassed the family over the unfortunate incident.

Anuj was asked whether he wanted further probe or investigations into this matter, and he clearly stated that since he had no suspicions, he was not keen on this matter being investigated. He also referred to a letter which he had written earlier, which was contradictory to his current stance, and stated that he was going through emotional trauma back then, but was now clear about it.

The family and the representatives requested the media repeatedly to stop using them to politicise the tragic incident in their family. The full video can be seen here:

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