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No, government is not going to fix AC temperature in your homes

As if the heat wave-like condition and dust storms up north are not enough, the temperatures on Twitter soared as Times of India reported how the government is now going to decide on how much should be the temperature on your air conditioner.

Times of India news report on air conditioner temperature.

The Times of India report states that soon the new air conditioners will come with a default setting of 24 degrees Celsius and will allow temperature setting between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius only. This move will promote a greener efficiency in electricity consumption. While the first part of the sentence is correct, that the new ACs may soon come with a default setting of 24 degrees Celsius, the latter part that the temperature setting between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius would only be allowed is false.

As per an official statement released by the ministry of power, an adivsory went out to AC manufacturers that

…the manufacturers were advised to keep the default setting of air conditioners at 24 degree Celsius and also to carry out labelling indicating the optimum temperature setting for the benefits of consumers both from financial and their health points of view. These temperatures setting will be in the range of 24-26 degree Celsius.

This means that the “LABELLING” on the machine would have benefits of setting temperature on optimum level from both, financial as well as health viewpoints. And that such optimum temperature range is between 24-26 degree Celsius.

The statement further reads,

After an awareness campaign of 4-6 months, followed by a survey to gather public feedback, the Ministry of Power would consider making this mandatory.  If all the consumers adopt, this will result in savings of 20 billion units of electricity in one year alone.

All the manufacturers and associations of air-conditioner manufacturers present in the meeting have agreed on this and appreciated it as a step in the right direction.  Accordingly, they have agreed to support this campaign.

Again, this ‘mandatory’ step is of ‘labelling’ which currently would be an ‘advisory’. Which means, for next 4-6 months, the ‘labelling’ and setting the default temperature (which is obviously adjustable as per a consumer’s wish) will be set to 24 degrees.

So, no, the government is not deciding what temperature should be kept for your air conditioner. It is just issuing and adivsory.

As expected, the journalists, who are usually entrusted with the task of checking facts, were the first to question the government’s motive behind this. While there were many, the one who shone bright like a diamond under the blazing sun was Nidhi Razdan of NDTV, who has earlier displayed her lack of basic understanding on how things work.

Nidhi referred to this ‘move’ as ‘Nanny State 101’.

Good Samaritans who are blessed with an IQ of more than a teaspoon took it upon themselves to explain it to Nidhi how ‘default settings’ work. They also explained how such steps are being taken across the world to combat global warming and other environment related issues.

Japan has introduced ‘Cool Biz’ campaign, where to reduce energy costs, workplaces have set their temperature at 28 degrees Celsius. Such campaign there runs from May to October.

But Nidhi was adamant that government must issue a clarification for the ‘order’.

The confusion was caused by wrong informtation reported by the Times of India, but then there is no cure for people like Nidhi who want to stay confused.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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