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Atheist communists now make a splash with a Ramayana recital after Yechury’s kalash wielding picture went viral

In a surprise move, the video of a Communist MLA reciting Ramayana has gone viral on social media. The communists have recently been in the news because of their sudden interest in Hinduism. CPIM has traditionally espoused the cause of atheism and communism is a political ideology that is intrinsically anti-religion.

U Prathibha Hari, a CPI(M) MLA, who represents Kayamkulam constituency in the state Assembly, has now posted a Facebook video, where she is reading the verses of the Hindu epic Ramayana. It is reported that the lawmaker posted this video as a part of the annual celebrations of Karkkidakam, the last month of Malayalam calendar.

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Prathibha Hari in her Facebook post wrote, “Ramayana month has begun. Let each faith and reading (of Ramayana) is to propagate virtues.” The post has been shared by several people in the past few days.

The Ramayana month in Kerala is celebrated annually, in which verses from Adhyatma Ramayana, which is written by the poet Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, are chanted are chanted in front of lighted ‘nilavilakku’ (traditional lamps).

The viral video is interesting for the reason that the pro-Left parties, who otherwise proclaim to be atheists, have been now presenting themselves to be soft towards Hindus, Hindu culture and traditions. Recently, a pro-Left outfit called ‘Sanskrti Sangh’ consisting of Left-wing scholars, academicians and Left sympathizers had reportedly organized a Ramayana seminar series which created some controversies.

It is alleged that the Communist party was behind this Ramayana seminar series to appease some section of the society. But, the CPI(M) Kerala secretary rejected the role of the party in organizing these events. “The media reports stating that CPI(M) is organizing the observance of Ramayana month is baseless. Sanskrit Sangh is an independent outfit and not a feeder organisation of the CPI(M),” he said in a statement.

Recently, Sitaram Yechury, the general secretary of the CPI(M) was seen attending a Hindu religious event in Hyderabad. He had attended the Bonalu festival, a Hindu religious event to worship Goddess Mahakali. Yechury was seen carrying a pot, which was filled with the offerings to the God Mahakali.

It is interesting to see that the Communists, who proclaim to be ‘atheists’ accuse other parties of indulging in religious politics, have themselves invoked religion as 2019 elections approach.

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