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Appeasement politics

As Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind moves Supreme Court for SC status to converted Muslims, here is why BJP should be careful about their Pasmanda outreach

With Pasmanda Muslims forming 70-80% of the Muslims, the BJP furthering this trope becomes particularly dangerous. They are essentially insinuating then, that most Muslims today converted to Islam because of the discrimination they faced when they were Hindus and that they are still in bad economic and social conditions because of their identity when they were Hindus.

AAP flaunting ‘services’ to illegal Rohingyas and Bangladeshis as an achievement? Viral video hails Kejriwal for ‘good work’

In January 2020 it was reported how Aam Aadmi Party’s Amanatullah Khan and Kejriwal’s Delhi government was systematically settling illegal Rohingya immigrants in Delhi.

‘Sacrificing women’s rights to appease Islamists is in the DNA of Congress’: Shehzad Poonawalla pulls up Rahul Gandhi for promoting Hijab politics

Shehzad Poonawalla criticized Rahul Gandhi for appeasement politics by posting picture with girl child in hijab

Pasmanda Muslims are ‘vote bank’, but rioting mob also usually consists of them: Eye Dalit quota but will vote for madarsa, maulvis

It appears that the benefits being extended to the Pasmanda community appear to be an extension of PM Modi's 'sabka saath, sabka vikas' policy he has been talking about. Even the BJP knows that this policy has neither received any political gains nor does it expect to gain anything.

‘Congress chose August 5 to protest and wear black clothes to subtly promote appeasement politics’: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said, "Congress chose this day for protest because on this day PM Modi had laid the foundation of Ram Janambhoomi."

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy govt launches free Drone Pilot training, placement program only for Christians and Muslims, BJP leader shares ad

BJP general secretary of Andhra Pradesh has taken to Twitter to share how the Jagan Reddy govt has launched a drone pilot training program only for Muslim and Christian candidates

‘Your CM’s chair is alms of the Muslims’: Islamic cleric reminds Mamata Banerjee of her vote bank during violence protests over ‘blasphemy’

After Friday prayers on 10th June, an Islamic cleric in a speech said that Mamata Banerjee became CM due to vote of Muslims

Ex-Amnesty India head tries to paint Gujaratis communal for not voting Congress to power since three decades, here is how he is wrong

A generation of first time voters have never seen a non-BJP government in the state. But, they have also seen the development which Congress mocks at every given opportunity.

2000 Muslim delegates to attend CPIM’s ‘Muslim convention’, party ties itself up in knots trying to justify program to counter ‘Islamophobia and Hindutva’

CPIM is holding a 'Muslim convention' in the coastal city of Mangaluru in Karnataka between May 31 and June 1 this year

Appeasement politics of the Congress responsible for partition of India: Says new history textbook of Haryana board

Haryana Board's new History text books for class 9 blames Congress' appeasement policies for partition of India

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