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OpIndia Evening Dispatch: Saturday, 19th January 2019

In the hustle and bustle of the day, it is only natural to miss some of the biggest developments that impact the nation. The OpIndia Evening Dispatch will catch you up on the day's event even if you have been busy thus far.

In the hustle and bustle of the day, it is only natural to miss some of the biggest developments that impact the nation. The OpIndia Evening Dispatch will catch you up on the day’s event even if you have been busy thus far.

Today’s news wrap up of the day.

1. ‘Mahagathbandhan’ takes shape as numerous Opposition parties attend Trinamool Congress’ ‘United India’ rally at Kolkata

On Saturday, Kolkata was witness to the ‘United India’ rally by Opposition parties at Kolkata organized by the Trinamool Congress. The rally witnessed a conglomeration of political parties which represent everything that is wrong with the Indian political system. The most corrupt, the most communal and the most fascistic parties have gathered to fight for democracy, secularism and corruption.

It’s akin to Kauravas going to war against the Pandavas after accusing the latter to insulting the dignity of women. It’s akin to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan lecturing India on how to treat minorities. It’s akin to people from Bollywood and mainstream media, the corridors of which are teeming with sexual predators, lecturing others on women empowerment. If it weren’t so dangerous, it would have been quite comical.

At the rally, where the most corrupt and tainted leaders were talking about saving democracy, a Freudian slip had everyone in splits, including Mamata Banerjee. Sharad Yadav of the JD(U) started delivering a speech in the hope to further the same trope that Congress has been harping on for several months. That of the fictitious “scam” in the Rafale deal. However, as is the nature of Freudian slips, the truth could not be hidden for long.

Yadav took to stage and started talking about the Bofors scandal where a money trail had been established and corruption was proved beyond doubt, leading straight up to Rajiv Gandhi himself. Sharad Yadav said that Bofors was daylight robbery and that while our soldiers laid their lives down at the border, the ruling dispensation had robbed and stole in the Bofors case. Funnily, while Sharad Yadav thundered away, Derek O’ Brien, the MP from TMC and former quizmaster walked up to Sharad Yadav and whispered the correction in his years, presumably telling Yadav that he was meant to mention Rafale and not Bofors.

Reacting to the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ rally, Modi said the opposition leaders have gathered in Kolkata and are shouting ‘bachao bachao’ crying for help. He said that these people are trying to save their parties while I am working hard to take the country forward. “These people are infuriated by the actions being taken by the government against corruption and corrupt persons. That is why they have come together to form a Gathbandhan”, said Modi.

Criticising the regional parties for joining hands with Congress to form the Mahagathbandhan, Modi said, These people who used to curse the Congress Party endlessly have come together with Congress on the same platform. This gathbandhan is only against Modi but against the whole country”.”Their activities can them a place in the newspapers but they will never be able to get a place in the hearts of people”, he added.

2. Fake names, male pilgrims, false age: Kerala government pulled all forgery tricks to make list of ’51 women under 50′

Kerala government, in its affidavit filed yesterday, had claimed that the list is obtained from the Digital Queue management System maintained by the Kerala Police. They had claimed that over 16 lakh people have applied to visit the shrine this year and over 7500 of them are women. they had claimed that more than 8.2 lakh pilgrims have visited so far and 51 among them were women under 50.

Many reports have now surfaced where the names and details of the ‘women’ listed are found to be a hoax. A number listed under ‘Kalavathi’ registered in the list was found to be of a driver who has ferried many people to Sabarimala. When contacted by Times Now, the man confirmed that there is no woman named Kalavathi and his number has been wrongly listed.

Similarly, another name Deivasigamani, listed as a 42-year-old female was found to be that of a male and the number belonged to his friend. The journalist has informed that he dialled 5 random numbers listed as that of women under 50 who have entered the temple and all 5 were found to be fake.

Read the full story here. 

3. ‘Felt like chopping Ram Kripal Yadav’s hands off when he joined BJP,’ says Misa Bharti

Daughter of convict Lalu Prasad Yadav, Misa Bharti, has sparked a controversy with her recent statement on Ram Kripal Yadav who snubbed the RJD to join the BJP in 2014. He is now a Union Minister.

Bharti stated that she felt like chopping his hands off when she heard the news of him joining BJP. She said while addressing a gathering at Patna, “He (Ram Kripal Yadav) used to cut the chaff. We had huge respect for him. However, we stopped respecting him when he went on to join hands with Sushil Kumar Modi. At that time I felt like cutting his hands from the same chaff cutting machine.”

Read the details here. 

4. Arvind Kejriwal govt delays in giving sanction to prosecute ‘tukde tukde gang’, Court rejects chargesheet till approval given

As per reports, the Court has refused to accept the 1200 page chargesheet by the Delhi Police stating that they first had to get sanction to prosecute from the Arvind Kejriwal government.

The court has reportedly questioned the Delhi police as to why the chargesheet was filed without proper sanction from the Delhi government and the police told Metropolitan Magistrate Deepak Sherawat they will procure the required sanctions within 10 days. The hearing is set to resume soon.

Since the request for sanction was given in 2016 and then recently on Monday, one wonders what is taking the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government to give permission for prosecution and whether the police is set to approach the LG of Delhi or even the central government is the Delhi government delays further.

Read the details here.

5. Court nod for FIR against Delhi CM Kejriwal for disrespecting National Flag in 2014 rally

A Madhya Pradesh court in Sagar on Friday gave its authorisation to file an FIR against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and AAP workers for allegedly disrespecting the national flag during a rally in January 2014. As per the reports, separate cases will be registered in Sagar, Bina, Khurai and Delhi.

The court passed the order in response to a petition filed in 2015 by advocate Rajendra Mishra, who alleged that Kejriwal and AAP workers during the campaigning for the 2014 general elections held the national flag alongside brooms, their party’s symbol and waved them together. In his appeal, Mishra contended that the AAP workers first swept the floor with brooms and later waved them with the tricolour.

Read about the developments here. 

6. Hail Mary pass: The stained ghosts of Niira Radia resurrected by the Congress ecosystem

Barkha Dutt, one of the main characters of the Niira Radia scandal is all set to be co-opted yet again by the Congress ecosystem. It is now being reported that Barkha Dutt is going to be a part of a new news channel sponsored by Congress Minister Kapil Sibal, who had famously expounded the 0 loss theory in regards to the arbitrary 2G spectrum allocation.
In any civilised country, a journalist who was a political conduit would be shunned to oblivion. In India, the Congress ecosystem reportedly led by Kapil Sibal, no less, has co-opted Barkha Dutt yet again, the stains of the Radia scandal washed away in a Hail Mary pass by the Congress. A last ditch effort for the Congress to turn the narrative in their favour.

7. Rahul Gandhi: The perfect heir to Indira Gandhi’s legacy of the Emergency

Rahul Gandhi is often mocked by many for his numerous gaffes. However, it is time that we realise that Rahul Gandhi is the perfect heir to Indira Gandhi’s legacy of the Emergency.

Read this opinion piece by Karan Bhasin to know how.  

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